Planning on graduate SChool? Interested in A Health-Related career?

You might be surprised by how well your undergraduate major fits into public health. It's such a versatile field with different opportunities for every person. Whether you like to crunch numbers, conduct laboratory or field research, formulate policy, or work directly with people to help improve their health, there is a place for you. Public health professionals work around the world, solving health problems in communities both near and far, contributing to scientific discoveries, and transforming the well-being of societies.

Why study public health? Why Pitt Public Health?
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Pitt students don’t just sit at a desk and ask questions. They are uniquely positioned to take action and be part of the answer. And they just don't stop. 

With six health science schools and a top-tier academic medical center interwoven on one campus, at Pitt you’ll discover that new learning, research, and professional opportunities abound.

Plus, Pittsburgh is as vibrant as it is affordable. Consistently ranked among the nation’s best in livability, affordability, startups, and sports fanaticism, it's a great place to live, to study, and to launch a career. Find out why.

Pick your field of study

Deciding on a Field of Study (PDF)

Not sure where you'll fit best in public health?

Answer your questions and plan your path in public health with help from this guide, Deciding on a Field of Study (PDF).

Public Health vs. Medicine

Are you considering graduate study in either public health or medicine? Many students study both, either by pursuing a public health master's before applying to medical school or completing their MPH concurrently with their MD. Find out more about how patient and population health compliment each other!

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Using SOPHAS, the centralized application service for graduate schools of public health. Our SOPHAS codes are Pitt Public Health GRE 4234 and SOPHAS TOEFL 5688. Our S

Get an Edge on Your Future

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WIth a preview of global and public health this summer:

  • experience hands-on learning in the field
  • work directly with Pitt Public Health faculty
  • choose your preferred area for further study
  • gain exposure to tools used to track outbreak of disease
  • evaluate environmental threats
  • develop community-based prevention and wellness programs 

Contact Robin Leaf for more information or visit to apply.