MPH Practicum/Internship

Practical experience, outside the classroom, related to your career interests

Apply what you've learned to a real-world public health setting, and come away with actual deliverables that make the public healthier. 

Depending on your field, the experiential learning component may be referred to as a practicum, internship, or field placement. 

The practicum/ internship experience


"I think after this experience, I am more motivated to work towards alleviating problems in my career. Even if I can’t ‘solve’ homelessness, I think I have the power to make things a little better for some people." -Alysse Littleberry (BCHS '20)

"I think there is a gap between the clinical field and the public health field and it can only be bridged by such collaborative efforts."
-Mohammed Bu Saad (EPI '21)

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Inngide Practicum

“I have a passion for global health work and this experience was the first of many. It was an unforgettable, unique and holistic experience”. -Inngide Osirus (IDM '20)

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"I am extremely grateful for my MPH Practicum experience and the relationships that I built during those months! I have continued my work with the health department in various positions since the practicum and now, as Overdose Prevention Program Manager at the Allegheny County Health Department, continue to value my practicum experience." -Caroline Hamilton (BCHS '18)

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Practica experiences bridge the classroom and real-world settings

Getting started

Where to begin your search for practicum/ internship?