Student Government Association

Our Student Government Association (SGA) is the premier student government for the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health and has oversight over all other student organizations within the school. Their duties include hosting school wide events, collecting student input, acting as the student body ambassador, and budgeting. Additionally, SGA can develop projects to enhance the student experience. In the past, they have worked with the University’s Dean Search Committee to create a survey that obtains the student’s thoughts regarding what they want in the next Dean. This project gathered the opinions of a strong proportion of the student body, which gave them a voice, where they may otherwise not have one. Overall, SGA’s mission is to be the representative for the students and they are always looking for new ways to improve student life inside and outside of the classroom. 

SGA’s current primary initiative is The Public Health Journal.  

If you have any ideas for events or projects, email SGA at


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SGA Officers

Umeka Ganjoo (President)
Justin Briskin (Vice President)
Josh Lee (Business Manager)
Lauren Gutterman (Administrator)

The Public health journal

This journal is the first student-directed initiative to publish work from students and influential people within the industry. It has been developed to create a central outlet for students to distribute their work and read the work of others like them. We encourage readers to use this format to drive a dialogue around public health. 

October 2020 Issue

The first issue features work from a U.S. Senator and the founder of Hilltop Horizons. 
october issue cover - pill bottle

April 2021 Issue 



Follow your interest and practice creative freedom when completing submissions including, but not limited to: 

  • opinion pieces
  • news reporting
  • student research
  • graphic design
  • letters to the editor
  • announcements from other student organizations 

Contact Justin Briskin to submit work.

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General inquiry

The Public Health Journal

Apply by April 1 to be an SGA Officer

Interested in leading school-wide initiatives? Ready to take on a leadership role? Interested in connecting the different disciplines of Pitt Public Health together in an impactful way? SGA is seeking to fill the following positions for the next academic year: 

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Business Manager
  • Administrator
  • Editor-in-Chief for The Public Health Journal

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