Academic Integrity and Plagiarism

We want to ensure you have all the resources needed to participate in your education with the highest standards of academic integrity.  

Academic Integrity

All individuals (students, faculty, post-doctoral researchers, and staff) at Pitt Public Health abide by the University’s policy on academic integrity.  In accordance with this policy, the school maintains an outline of the procedural sequence of events to occur when violations of academic integrity are brought to the attention of administrative leaders. The full policy is available in the Academic Handbook.

Online Academic Integrity Module

Pitt Public Health launched an online academic integrity module for students and faculty starting with the 2010-11 academic year. | Policy for Completion of Student Academic Integrity Module (listed under the "Academic Integrity and Plagiarism" heading).  

Instructions on how to access the academic integrity module will be sent to all incoming students.

Questions about the Academic Integrity Module?

Contact Robin Leaf, MEd, educational programs and practicum manager, or stop by the Office of Student Affairs.