Board of Visitors

The School of Public Health Board of Visitors improves the quality of the school by providing candid, comprehensive, and informed reaction to Pitt Public Health educational objectives and programs and by providing advice in Pitt Public Health’s strategic planning efforts. Its meetings provide a forum for the school to demonstrate its accountability to external constituencies. The board of visitors may have significant influence on institutional advancement, not only for direct assistance in fund-raising, but also by providing an opportunity to communicate to a broader audience and, therefore, to create a base of support for the school’s and the University’s public relations efforts.

Members of the Pitt Public Health Board of Visitors are appointed by the chancellor, in consultation with the senior vice chancellor for the health sciences and the Pitt Public Health dean. The board is drawn from top experts in public health, corporate and civic leaders, and alumni, with diversity of membership a priority. All University boards include members of the University of Pittsburgh Board of Trustees and are chaired by a trustee.

acosta headshot
David Acosta
Member, 2021-
Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer,
American Association of Medical Colleges

benz headshot
Edward J. Benz
Member, 2021-
Former President and CEO,
Dana Farber Cancer Center

bogen headshot
Debra Bogen
Member, 2021-
Allegheny County Health Department

cen headshot
Debra Cen
Member, 2017-
Founder and Former President, LEAP Biosciences

chiu headshot
Wen-Ta Chiu
Member, 2017-
Former Minister, Taiwan Department of Health

feinstein headshot
Karen Feinstein
Member, 2014-
President, Jewish Healthcare Foundation of Pittsburgh

Lee Foster II
Member, 2007- 
Chairman of the Board, L.B. Foster Company
Trustee Emeritus, Board of Trustees, University of Pittsburgh

green headshot
William Green
Member, 2007-
Professor Emeritus, Orthopedic Surgery

holder headshot
Diane P. Holder
Member, 2021-
EVP and president, UPMC Insurance Services Division
Member, University of Pittsburgh Board of Trustees

lovett headshot
Robert Lovett
Member, 2015-
Founding Partner, Lovett, Bookman, Harmon, Marks, LLP
Trustee, Board of Trustees, University of Pittsburgh

maryland headshot
Patricia Maryland
Member, 2014-
Former President of Healthcare Operations and COO, Ascension Health

matthews-juarez headshot
Patricia Matthews-Juarez
Member, 2021-
Vice President, Office of Faculty Affairs and Development
Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine
Director, Research Training Core, Health Disparities Research Center of Excellence, Meharry Medical College

morby headshot
Jeff Morby
Member, 2007-
Chairman/Managing Director, Amanra Corporation

peterson headshot
Diane Peterson
Member, 2007-
Retired President, D. Peterson and Associates
Alumna, Pitt Public Health

priselac headshot
Tom Priselac
Member, 2020-
President and CEO, Cedars-Sinai Health System

roddy headshot
Jim Roddey
Member, 2007-
Senior Consultant, McCrory & McDowell LLC
Trustee Emeritus, Board of Trustees, University of Pittsburgh
Former Chief Executive, Allegheny County

savitz headshot
David Savitz
Member, 2021-
Chair, Epidemiology, Center Director of Epidemiology and Environmental Health
Professor, Departments of Epidemiology, Obstetrics & Gynecology and Pediatrics, Brown University

tansky blum headshot
Eva Tansky Blum
Member, 2012-
Chairwoman and president, The PNC Foundation
Former senior vice president and Director of community Affairs, PNC Bank
Trustee and Chair, Board of Trustees, University of Pittsburgh

white headshot
Mary Jo White
Member, 2007-
Former State Senator, Pennsylvania State Senate, 21st District
Trustee Emerita, Board of Trustees, University of Pittsburgh

white headshot
Michael Yonas
Member, 2021-
Vice President, Public Health, Research and Learning, The Pittsburgh Foundation 



Minimize Past BOV members

The University thanks the following former Board of Visitors members for their service to Pitt Public Health: 

  • Wen-Ta Chiu
  • Dr. Thomas Detre
  • Dr. Bruce Dixon
  • Michele Fabrizi
  • Ms. Joanna Haas
  • Dr. Karen A Hacker
  • David Hunter
  • William Kassling
  • Dr. Adel Mahmoud
  • Mr. Eric Mann
  • Sean McDonald
  • Shelly Onorato 
  • Ian Rawson
  • Elizabeth Surma
  • Dr. William Trueheart 
  • Mary Jo White
  • Michael Yonas