Other Student and Professional Organizations

Pitt Public Health student associations are vibrant, diverse, and multifaceted, focusing on diverse topics in public health and the world at large. The members of our student organizations reflect the dynamic diversity of our student population in terms of gender, race, cultural identity, academic programs and departments, and individual areas of interest and research. They include the best and brightest students of our school, the current and future leaders in the field. Actively engaging in the student government experience allows students to influence their learning environment and make Pitt Public Health a true community of learners.

Minimize Student Government Association (SGA)

SGA serves as a school-wide umbrella for seven sub-organizations that provide forums for students to share experiential wisdom, socialize with peers, and contribute to large projects on student programming with the Office of Student Affairs. 

President: Danielle Nahas
VP: Aparna Ramani
Business Manager: Drew Trate
Organization Email: pph.sga@gmail.com
Advisor: Mike Dolinger

Maximize American Public Health Association Student Assembly (APHA-SA)

Maximize Doctoral Student Organization (DSO)

Minimize Fostering Opportunities to Recognize, Welcome, and Advance Racially Diverse Students (FORWARDS)

The purpose of the Fostering Opportunities to Recognize, Welcome, and Advance Racially Diverse Students of the School of Public Health shall be to promote and to enhance the development of the academic, professional, and social aims and interests of the racial and ethnic minoritized populations of the student body of the School of Public Health; to promote student, alumni, and community interest in and interaction with the School of Public Health; to advance the interest and involvement of alumni and students in the Public Health profession; and to propagate the ethics of the Public Health profession.

President: Maya Thakar
VP: Sade Tukuru
Secretary: Amrit Singh
Business Manager: Ruel Beresford
Public Relations Chair: TBD
Programming Chair: Fatimah Dixon
Organization Email: Pittforwards@gmail.com 
Staff Advisor: Lora Ann Bray

Maximize Global Health Student Association (GHSA)

Maximize Health Policy and Management Association (HPMA)

Maximize Leaders in Intersectional Public Health and Equity (LIPHE)

Minimize Street Medicine

Street Medicine Outreach and Awareness aims to serve homeless and rough sleeping individuals within the Pittsburgh area. Our mission is to provide this diverse community with multidisciplinary yet individualized care that focuses on promoting effective communication, mutual respect, and understanding with Pittsburgh’s healthcare community and university student body. Our organization is affiliated with the Street Medicine Institute Student Coalition (SMISC), dedicated to promoting inclusive, reality-based, person-centered care for our unsheltered homeless community members throughout the world.

President: Julia Lam jul94@pitt.edu
Vice President: Nicole Alindogan, alindogan.nicole@medstudent.pitt.edu
Business Manager: Lysia Gehris, ljg50@pitt.edu
Public Relations & Social Media Manager: Priya Gupta, pag86@pitt.edu
Onboarding Coordinator: Caitlin Vogrins, cav70@pitt.edu
Resource Manager: Meghan Osekowski, mpo22@pitt.edu
OSN Liaison: Caitlin O’Brien, cao84@pitt.edu
SMISC Liaison: Sohan Rao, sar202@pitt.edu
Street Outreach Coordinator: Rebecca Mackenzie, neuro4n6@gmail.com
Events Manager: Hawley Zurlo, hmz7@pitt.edu
Didactic Education Coordinator: Kat O’Connor, 
Research Co-Coordinators: Jenn McCartney, jmm511@pitt.edu and Julia Lai, lai.julia@medstudent.pitt.edu

Faculty Advisors: Dr. David Finegold, Tina Hershey
Medical Director: Dr. Anna Marie White, MD
Clinician: Dr. Max Hurwitz, DO
Distinguished Honorary Advisor: Dr. Jim Withers, MD

Maximize Student Public Health Epidemic Response Effort (SPHERE)

Professional Organizations and Alumni Associations

Maximize Alumni Association for Health Administration

Maximize American Public Health Association (APHA)

Maximize Delta Omega

Maximize Pennsylvania Public Health Association (PPHA)

Maximize University of Pittsburgh Alumni Association

Minimize Text/HTML

Underrepresented in the Health Sciences Mixer

Students interested in networking with staff, faculty, and fellow students promoting the welfare and interests of students underrepresented in the health sciences are invited to sign up by October 17 for this October 24 event at the Wyndham in Oakland! Sponsored by Health Sciences Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Pitt Schools of the Health Sciences, and Pitt Public Health's FORWARDS student organization.   

Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG)

GPSG is the official University-wide umbrella organization for graduate and professional students at Pitt. It represents both the academic and non-academic interests and provides student-initiated and student-controlled services. The group does not supplant graduate student organizations in departments or schools, but rather coordinates joint efforts, promoting communications among the schools and providing a unified voice for graduate students within the University community.

In recent years, GPSG has offered a number of services including Carnegie Museum passes, travel funding, and free legal appointments. The activities fee assessed on all graduate students goes to GPSG. Approximately three-fourths of fees collected from each school is allocated back to that school’s individual student government to help carry out its own activities. For a list of current officers and links to more information about this organization, including upcoming events, visit gpsg.pitt.edu/welcome-to-gpsg.  

Event Approvals and Calendar Postings

Before promoting your event, you must contact Mike Dolinger for approval.

To post events or announcements in school e-newsletters, calendar, social media, etc., send information to phcomm@pitt.edu