Course and credit requirements

School-level requirements

Maximize Required courses

Maximize Exemption from required courses

Maximize Scheduling

Maximize Grade requirements

Maximize GPA Requirement for Certificate Students

Maximize Dean's Public Health Grand Rounds course

Maximize Non-credit requirements

Departmental requirements

Maximize Departmental and elective coursework

Maximize Courses at other Pitt schools

Maximize Courses at other colleges and universities

Maximize Total credit requirements

Course Scheduling Preference for Veteran Students

Students who have served in the military and have registered with the Office of Veterans Services at the university are granted a priority enrollment appointment to enroll in classes prior to the standard enrollment period. See registrar’s Veteran Student Course Scheduling Policy for complete details.

Grades and Academic Standing

Maximize Minimum Grade Point Average

Maximize Grades

Maximize Enrollment Requirements

Academic Integrity and Plagiarism

All individuals (students, faculty, post-doctoral researchers, and staff) at Pitt Public Health abide by the University’s policy on academic integrity as well as the Pitt Public Health academic integrity procedures.

All students are required to complete the online academic integrity module in the first term of enrollment at Pitt Public Health by the deadline established by the Office of Student Affairs. See the Academic Integrity and Plagiarism Web site for further details and instructions.

Maximize Pitt Public Health's Policy for Student Completion of Student Academic Integrity Module

Maximize Transfer Credit for Prior Graduate Work

Maximize Adding a Second Degree, or a Certificate, or Changing Departments or Degrees

Maximize Credit Sharing Among Two or More Degrees and/or Certificates Earned Simultaneously

Maximize Statutes of Limitations

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