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Students who have served in the military and have registered with the Office of Veterans Services at the university are granted a priority enrollment appointment to enroll in classes prior to the standard enrollment period. See registrar’s Web site for complete details.

Academic Integrity and Plagiarism

All individuals (students, faculty, post-doctoral researchers, and staff) at Pitt Public Health abide by the University’s policy on academic integrity as well as the Pitt Public Health academic integrity procedures.

All students are required to complete the online academic integrity module in the first term of enrollment at Pitt Public Health by the deadline established by the Office of Student Affairs. See the Academic Integrity and Plagiarism Web site for further details and instructions.

Policy revised June 8, 2010 and submitted to EPCC for a vote, approved by EPCC on June 14, 2010 with revisions | approved by Pitt Public Health Council July 2010

Pitt Public Health Policy for Student Completion of Student Academic Integrity Module Effective August 30, 2010, all enrolled students at the Graduate School of Public Health are required to complete the Student Academic Integrity Module by the last day of the month of September. This is to ensure that Pitt Public Health students are familiar with the University of Pittsburgh’s academic integrity policy, and to prevent violations of academic integrity.

Students will be deemed to have completed the module satisfactorily by scoring 80% or higher on the module assessment. Those who have not successfully complete the module assessment with a qualifying score of 80% or higher by the first business day of October will not have the advising hold removed from their student registration account. This hold does prevent registration for the subsequent semester’s classes. The hold will be removed only after the student demonstrates satisfactory completion of the module. All new students enrolled in a program (certificate, degree, or non-degree) will be required to complete the Student Academic Integrity Module during their first semester. Students who enter with non-degree status, and are later admitted into a certificate or degree program within one academic year of having completed this instruction will not be required to repeat it. In summary, students will be required to complete this module only once unless significant changes in University or School policy require recertification.

The Office of Student Affairs will establish a deadline for completion of the module for each subsequent term so as not to disadvantage students in the registration process. Students will be notified of this date through Office of Student Affairs communications and their respective department student services staff.

The student’s department student services staff will be required to monitor student completion of the module and ensure that the certificate of completion is filed in the student’s academic file housed in the department. Department student services staff will notify the Office of Student Affairs if students do not complete the module by the deadline.

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