Center for Health Equity

Engaging Communities, Eliminating Health Disparities, Advancing Social Justice


Since 2011, the Center for Health Equity (CHE) seeks to understand and ultimately eliminate health inequities in under resourced, vulnerable, and underserved communities and populations, particularly those in Western Pennsylvania. CHE addresses issues attributed to institutional racism, builds strategic partnerships across sectors and communities, acknowledges a social equity in all policies perspective, and the public sector's role in achieving health equity for its citizenry. 

Black Equity Coalition and Tiffany Gary-Webb use data driven approach to addressing health disparities in the COVID-19 pandemic

PITT MED - Concerned about the COVID-19 death rate for Black Pittsburghers, Tiffany Gary-Webb and a group of scholars in her sphere reached out to public health officials. When they asked about the rates in the Pittsburgh area, the data were not available to the public at the time. In the ensuing weeks and months, Gary-Webb was part of a collegial huddle working together to put pressure on public health officials. Ultimately, that pressure resul... 

Researchers seek answers on how structural racism could impact dementia

WESA - EPI's Andrea Rosso and Tiffany Gary-Webb, Associate Director of the Center for Health Equity, are part of a research study intent on learning how structural racism has affected the cognitive health of Pittsburgh residents in two of the city's historically Black communities: Homewood and Hill District. With funding from the National Institutes of Health, epidemiologists from Pitt and the Rand Corporation will follow 1,100 research particip... 

Williams Pate aims to make a difference in healthcare access

“While I explored a community health career, I found that medicine is my true passion. I know that my public health background will help me to better serve my patients and to better understand how their social conditions may impact their physical or mental health.”  

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"Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery and apartheid, it is man-made and can be removed by the actions of human beings." 

-Nelson Mandela