Center for Health Equity

Engaging Communities, Eliminating Health Disparities, Advancing Social Justice

Since 2011, the Center for Health Equity (CHE) seeks to understand and ultimately eliminate health inequities in under resourced, vulnerable, and underserved communities and populations, particularly those in Western Pennsylvania. CHE addresses issues attributed to institutional racism, builds strategic partnerships across sectors and communities, acknowledges a social equity in all policies perspective, and the public sector's role in achieving health equity for its' citizenry. 

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PA expands vaccine eligibility to ages 65 and older; UPMC vaccinates workers serving vulnerable populations

NEXT PITTSBURGH — UPMC vaccinated workers with The Violence Prevention Initiative, the Neighborhood Resilience Project, and Casa San Jose on Tuesday, hoping to fight vaccine hesitancy in vulnerable, often minority populations, where Covid has had a disproportionately terrible effect. Pitt Public Health's Violence Prevention Initiative provides holistic services for people who have been incarcerated, helping them re-enter their communities and av... 

Mendez explains how recently released health indicators fall along racial lines, again

WESA - EPI's Dara Mendez, interim director of the Center for Health Equity, explains why recently released health data for Pittsburgh women and children continues to fall along racial lines.   

Dara Mendez, EPI faculty and director, Center for Health Equity

"My research, teaching, curriculum development and service applies equity, anti-racism, anti-oppression praxis as well as Black Feminist Theory, Critical Race Theory and Public Health Critical Race Praxis. My research program focuses on understanding and addressing racial and socioeconomic inequity in pregnancy, birth, and women's health. I specifically employ novel methods to measure and understand how racism (including institutional and struct... 

"Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery and apartheid, it is man-made and can be removed by the actions of human beings." 

-Nelson Mandela

Health Justice Scholars

We're looking for the inagural group of Health Justice Scholars!

Supporting the development of Pitt Public Health scholars who have interests and/or projects in health equity and justice. This includes, but is not limited to, health equity research, policy, and practice in areas such as:

  • chronic disease
  • violence prevention
  • maternal and infant health
  • mental health
  • interventions focused on Black, Latinx, and communities of color

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Health Equity Spotlight: Kyanna Williams-Pate

Not all individuals have access to quality health care. That lack of access to universal quality health care is what inspired me to go into the field of public health and health equity. One of my main interests is ensuring that the most vulnerable populations receive health care and bridging the gaps in health disparities. I am very interested in the social determinants of health and how they can all contribute to the health of an individual and...