Welcome to Pitt Public Health's Virtual Orientation! We wish an in-person event was possible, but in order to limit the spread of disease we must continue to practice social distancing. As an alternative, this page was created to introduce you to life at Pitt Public Health. Here you will learn about resources that are offered, information about programs, career services, student organizations, important policies, IT support, and much more. For new students, more information to follow!

Important Notices

New Student Checklist
Learn about important information for the academic year and keep track of items as they are completed.

Academic Integrity Module 
Pitt Public Health strives to maintain a culture of academic excellence. Learn what is expected of you by completing the required Module by February 15. Check your Pitt email for the link. Learn more about the University's Academic Integrity Guidelines here. 

Title IX Training 
Title IX prohibits sex discrimination in education. Title IX protects all members of the University community. Complete the training by February 15. Check your Pitt email for the link.

Student Immunization Requirements
The University requires documentation of immunization against:

  • Measles
  • Mumps
  • German Measles
  • Chicken Pox

All incoming students must submit proof of such immunizations. Not sure where to go? Check out these immunization clinics in our area.


Email stuaff@pitt.edu with questions.