MPH Committee

The MPH Committee is a formal sub-committee of the Educational Policies and Curriculum Committee (EPCC). It is composed of the MPH program directors, core course teaching faculty, the Associate Dean for Education, staff from the Educational Programs office within the school-level Office of Student Affairs, and student representatives.

The committee meets monthly to discuss the MPH curriculum, core classes, practical experiences, and any other core related curricular needs. Currently, the committee is chaired by Martha Terry.

MPH Committee Members
Academic Year 2020-21

Aaron Barchowsky, course instructor: EOH 2013
Nesta Bortey-Sam, EOH MPH program coordinator and course instructor: PUBHLT 2033
Jenna Carlson, course instructor: BIOST 2011 and 2041
Julie Donohue, course instructor, HPM 2001
Andrea Durst, Public Health Genetics MPH program co-director
Thistle Elias, director, Bridging the Gaps Internship and course instructor: BCHS 2509
Elizabeth Felter, course instructor: PUBHLT 2034
Linda Frank, IDM-MIC MPH program director
Steve Fine, course instructor: PUBHLT 2034
David Finegold, MMPH program co-director
Nancy Glynn, EPIDEM MPH program director
Tina Hershey, MMPH program co-director and course instructor: HPM 2001 
Candice Kammerer, Public Health Genetics MPH program co-director and course instructor: PUBHLT 2015
Mara Leff, course instructor: PUBHLT 2035
Jeremy Martinson, IDM-PEL MPH program director and course instructor: PUBHLT 2011 and PUBHLT 2015
Jim Peterson, EOH MPH program director
Cyndy Salter, director, Center for Global Health
Thomas Songer, core course instructor: EPIDEM 2110
Martha Terry, committee chair, BCHS MPH program director and course instructor: BCHS 2509
Elizabeth Van Nostrand, HPM MPH program director

MPH Committee Student Members
Academic Year 2020-21

Emily Berryman, BCHS
Claire McCreavy, IDM
Rae Oanesa, EPIDEM
Brian Tomblin, HPM


For questions or concerns, contact...

Dr. Martha Terry, MPH committee chair
Robin Leaf, MEd, Director of Strategic Academic Initiatives and Accreditation

Committee Meetings

The MPH Committee generally meets once each month.

Summer 2021 meetings will be held virtually from 3:30-4:30pm on the following dates:

July 8
August 12

Email Robin Leaf or Kimberly Rehak for the Zoom link.