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Facilities and Construction

Facilities at Pitt Public Health

With support from donors, the University of Pittsburgh, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Pitt Public Health is nearing completion of an $80-million, multi-year expansion and renovation project. The most significant investment in our physical plant since the founding of the school in 1948, the “Building for a Healthier World” project has funded the creation of new, state-of-the-art laboratories, academic areas, and communal spaces. 

Pitt Public Health's main complex now consists of three unified structures a completely renovated Parran Hall, Crabtree Hall, and the new laboratory pavilion. 

With construction slated to wrap in late 2017 and office moves in early 2018, we plan on a big ribbon-cutting event in conjunction with the school's 70th Anniversary Celebration and Alumni Reunion in mid March 2018. 

Pardon Our Dust

Check this page for the latest alerts and construction updates.

Latest Construction & Facilities Announcements

New conference rooms available for school-wide use in 2018

Beginning on December 4, 2017, rooms 4128 and 4140 will no longer be reservable through the Dean's Office, being instead reserved for EOH.  New conference rooms on the first floor of Parran Hall will become available as of January 1, 2018. These include Public Health 1150 (formerly Parran 110) and Public Health 1149 (formerly Parran 109).  These rooms can be reserved through Karen M. Perkins in the Dean's Office, as can  A312 and A521.   

Use second floor between Crabtree and Parran starting 9/5

Starting September 5, access between Parran and Crabtree will be available VIA THE SECOND FLOOR.   

Update your directory listing after you move

Please update your location information in the school's Web directory by clicking on the "Update Your Profile" link at the bottom of any page on the school's site.  

Building Access Hours for Pitt Public Health

Access hours to the building are in flux during construction. Entrance doors are currently unlocked on the following schedule:    5th Avenue Entrance: 7 AM - 8 PM;   DeSoto Street Entrance: 7 AM - 7 PM;   Loading Dock: 7 AM - 6 PM;  Crabtree garage entrances (1st/2nd floors & 4th floor+):  7 AM - 6 PM. . 

To add or edit a Construction Update, contact Ann Ostroski,

Minimize Basic Facilities locations

Opening hours
(Normally open 7- 8 on weekdays, and 10-3 on weekends & holidays)   


 Entrance doors are currently unlocked on the following schedule:   

  • 5th Avenue Entrance: 7 AM - 8 PM
  • DeSoto Street Entrance: 7 AM - 7 PM
  • Loading Dock: 7 AM - 6 PM
  • Crabtree garage entrances (1st/2nd floors & 4th floor+):  7 AM - 6 PM

Common areas

  • 1st floor commons
  • Departmental break rooms, including commons areas on south end of Lab Pavilion floors 2, 3, and 4. (See your department administrator for access).
  • Student quiet study rooms in most departments opening Dec. 4
  • Crabtree 4th floor kitchen

Student computer lab & printer


Lab Pavilion access

Lab Pavilion floors are swipe access only (from Parran South hallways or directly from elevator).

Student lockers Crabtree 7th floor (see Office of Student Affairs to reserve)
Filtered water Fill bottles at Crabtree 4th floor water fountain
Hot water sinks Departmental kitchens; Crabtree 4th floor kitchen; A521 Crabtree
Refrigerators Departmental student study rooms, starting spring 2018
Microwave ovens Commons care, departmental study rooms, starting spring 2018
Showers Ground floor, starting spring 2018
Lactation room Crabtree 4th floor (see Office of Student Affairs for access)
Meditation room Crabtree 3rd floor, starting spring 2018
Cafe Public Health Commons: Mon-Thurs 7:30-5, Friday 7:30-2

Minimize Departments, Offices, and Center locations

 UNIT Fall 2017 (now)  Spring 2018 (after moves)

BCHS department

Parran South 6, Parran South 4

Parran 6

BCHS student services



Biostatistics department

Parran South 7, Crabtree 4

Parran 7

Biostatistics student services



EOH department

Bridgeside Point 3

Parran 4

EOH student services

Bridgeside Point 328


Epidemiology department

Parran South 5, Crabtree 5

Parran South 5, Crabtree 5

Epidemiology student services

A536 and A537 

A536 and A537

HPM department

Crabtree 6

Crabtree 6

HPM student services



Human Genetics department

Parran South 3, Crabtree 3

Parran 3

Human Genetics student services



IDM department

Parran South 2, Crabtree 4

Parran 2, Crabtree 2

IDM student services




Office of Student Affairs


Ground floor

MMPH student services



Global Health student services



Dean’s Office

A600 suite

 1st floor
 Technology support ( )  A300  1st floor
 Communications A446, A447  1st floor



Public Health Dynamics Lab

Crabtree 7

 Crabtree 7

Center for Public Health Practice

Crabtree 7

 Crabtree 7

Center for LGBT Health Research

Parran South 4

 Parran 6

Center for Health Equity

Parran South 4

 Parran 6

Center for Global Health



Parran South 5, Crabtree 5

A536 and A537


Minimize Reserving Conference Rooms & Commons

School conference rooms and Commons

The following rooms can be scheduled Karen M. Perkins in the Office of the Dean. Sometime in October, all reservations for these rooms will be transferred to the corresponding new conference room..

Public Health 4128 (until 12/4/17)
Public Health 1150 (after 1/1/18) 
(formerly 110)

Conference room 4128 will close Dec 4th, 2017 and will reopen in January 2018 on the first floor as 1150. Includes movable tables and chairs, white board, conference phone, and TV monitor.

NOTE: As of January 2018, rooms 4128 and 4140 can only be reserved through the EOH department.


Public Health 4140  
(until 12/4/17)

Public Health 1149  
(after 1/1/18) 

(formerly 309B)

Conference room 4140 will close Dec 4th, 2017 and will reopen in January 2018 on the first floor as 1149. With moveable tables, a white board, conference phone, and TV monitor, it seats up to 16 people.

NOTE: As of January 2018, rooms 4128 and 4140 will only be available for reservation through the EOH department.


(formerly 109)

Conference room A521 has  moveable tables, a white board, conference phone, and TV monitor, but not a computer (BYO laptop).


Conference room A312 has a central table seating approximately 12 people (can hold approximately 18 people overall), as well as a white board, conference phone, and projector. 


Public Health Commons

Open area on the 1st floor can be scheduled through Karen M. Perkins. The Fifth Avenue lobby area  (outside G23) cannot be formally reserved.


Departmental Conference Rooms

The following departmental seminar & conference rooms in South Parran (as well as departmental rooms in Crabtree Hall) should be scheduled via the associated departments.

  • Public Health 2128 & 2140 (IDM)
  • Public Health 3128 3140 (Human Genetics)
  • Public Health 4128 4140 (EOH after 1/1/18)
  • Public Health 5128 & 5140 (Epidemiology)
  • Public Health 6128 6140 (BCHS)
  • Public Health 7128 7139 (Biostatistics) 

Maximize Reserving Classrooms

Minimize Elevators

The three Parran elevators stop at all floors. 

The Crabtree elevator stops at floors 1-7, but does not go to level G.

The Lab Pavilion elevator stops at floors G, 2, 3, and 4; the laboratory floors (2,3,4) can only be accessed by swipe card.

Maximize Room numbering

Construction Photos


Construction Flyers

Editable signs:


Facilities News


Commons Cafe grand opening! 

Commons Cafe grand opening!

This morning we enjoyed the Commons Cafe Grand Opening, with none more excited than Dean Burke! Have you checked out the offerings? So good to have a welcoming place to connect and collaborate! (09/08/2017)
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