School Announcements related to the coronavirus outbreak (in reverse chronological order)

Conversations about COVID-19 returns

We're continuing the seminar series this fall with experts from Pitt Public Health and beyond. Fridays at 4, public health experts will have a conversation about different aspects of the pandemic and address questions. This Friday, Don Burke and Amy Hartman present, "Summer of 2020: evolution of our understanding of SARS-COV-2 and ability to forecast COVID-19."   

University reinforces mask mandate

Pitt strengthens requirements for wearing face coverings to include any time we're on campus, indoors or out, as part of efforts to encourage a culture of health and safety.  

Public health communications campaign emphasizes the 'Power of Pitt'

This fall the University has launched a public health communications campaign emphasizing our communal responsibility and personal empowerment to confront COVID-19 on campus. Access campaign materials online including videos, social media imagery, and Zoom backgrounds.   

New Procedures for Individuals Coming to Campus (8/13)

Pitt Public Health leadership summarizes guidelines for those students, faculty, and staff returning to campus.  

Pitt Public Health COVID-19 updates (8/7)

School leadership provides some new information about fall educational plans. Plan to join in a student town hall on the evening of Thursday, August 13, and stay tuned for further updates this week.   

Return to Campus Information

David DeJong, who heads Pitt's HR and business operations, shares updates on returning to campus, including staff COVID-19 response training, the Pitt Community Compact, daily COVID-19 Health Checks, face-covering requirements, building access, and facilities readiness.   

Pitt Public Health COVID-19 update (7/27)

School leadership briefly highlights some of the recently released information of greatest import to Pitt Public Health faculty, staff, and students.  

Pitt Public Health COVID-19 update (7/2)

Updates from school leadership clarifying how University operating policies and procedures will be implemented at Pitt Public Health and other advice for the upcoming term.  

Townhall on clinical and community-based research restart

On June 15, school leadership led a townhall meeting on restarting clinical and community-based research. Find out more.  

Fall Term Updates - Town Hall for Current Students

Eleanor Feingold and Jessie Burke gave updates and took questions about what to expect in the fall term. The most important piece of information they had was to remember that things are changing rapidly and a variety of committees are working constantly to keep the University community safe while committing to the same level of quality education we've always delivered.   

Pitt Public Health COVID-19 update (6/10)

View recent updates from school leadership on navigating ongoing changes. Virtual town halls have been announced including educational updates for new or returning students, clinical and community-based research restart, and fall educational updates for faculty and staff.  

Share stories about your COVID-19 work

If you are doing COVID-19-related work and would like the school to share your story online, in social media, and other venues, send a short paragraph to describing what you are doing or visit