Coverdell Fellows Program

Pitt Public Health and the Center for Global Health are proud to announce a partnership with the Peace Corps Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program, which will provide qualified Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) financial support towards a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree as well as experience working with local underserved communities.

Coverdell Fellows will receive a 25 percent tuition + fees scholarship for up to four academic terms of study. RPCVs interested in pursuing an MPH degree in BCHS, EPIDEM, HPM, or IDM are eligible to apply.

Apply by checking the RPCV box on your SOPHAS application!

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Coverdell Application Deadline

Your application is due by March 15.

Applicants must submit their final SOPHAS applications with all required documentation by this date to be considered.

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Coverdell Fellow Profiles


Meet joint-degree student Alyssa Amendola (BCHS/GSPIA), Coverdell Fellow 

Meet joint-degree student Alyssa Amendola (BCHS/GSPIA), Coverdell Fellow

The Peace Corps showed Alyssa Amendola that she wanted to pursue public health. She chose Pitt because of our focus on global health, eclectic research interests, and strong faculty. Her time in the Peace Corps also helped prepare her for graduate school. "I gained a new perspective that I would no... (06/20/2019)

Meet joint-degree student Laurenia Mangum (BCHS/SocWk), Coverdell Fellow 

Meet joint-degree student Laurenia Mangum (BCHS/SocWk), Coverdell Fellow

Laurenia Mangum worked within the children, youth, and family sector in the Philippines while in the Peace Corps. “The BCHS program compliments my social work background and serves as a great transition from the Peace Corps. It meets my needs without compartmentalizing the studies into one particul... (05/01/2019)

RPCVs & Pitt Public Health

Pitt Public Health has a long history of collaboration with the Peace Corps and proudly recognizes dozens of RPCVs among our student body, faculty, staff, and alumni.

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