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Faculty (All)
Name Department E-mail Phone
Roxanne Acquaro Adjunct Instructor, Human Genetics
Michelle Alabeck Adjunct Instructor, Human Genetics
Meron Azage Adjunct Instructor, Human Genetics
Catherine J Baty, DVM, PhD Research Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh Department of Cell Biology
Research Assistant Professor, Human Genetics
pwo61@cvgg.rqh 967-838-2719
Inna Belfer, MD, PhD Adjunct Associate Professor, Human Genetics
Vaan.Orysre@sqn.uuf.tbi 856-241-6850
Debra Berry Adjunct Instructor, Human Genetics
Charlotte Boni Adjunct Instructor, Human Genetics
Randall E Brand, MD Professor of Medicine, Human Genetics
Natalie Carter Adjunct Instructor, Human Genetics
Juan C Celedon, MD, DrPH Professor, Human Genetics
Professor, Epidemiology
pryrqbaw@cvgg.rqh 967-147-0185
Wei Chen, PhD Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine
Associate Professor, Biostatistics
jrp92@cvgg.rqh 967-147-1796
Michele Clemens Adjunct Instructor, Human Genetics
Paula R Clemens, MD Professor, Human Genetics
Professor, Neurology
cpyrzraf@cvgg.rqh 967-147-9475
Yvette Conley, PhD Professor, Human Genetics
Professor, Vice Chair for Research, Health Promotion & Development
lpbayrl@cvgg.rqh 967-838-2196
Karen T Cuenco, PhD Adjunct Assistant Professor, Human Genetics
F. Yesim Demirci, MD Associate Professor, Human Genetics
slq6@cvgg.rqh 967-838-2648
Stephanie DeWard Adjunct Instructor, Human Genetics
Brenda Diergaarde, PhD Associate Professor, Human Genetics
Member, UPCI Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention Program, and Lung Cancer Program
qvretnneqro@hczp.rqh 967-178-0346
Kelly Donahue Adjunct Instructor, Human Genetics
Beth Dudley Adjunct Instructor, Human Genetics
Richard H Duerr, MD Chair, Inflammatory Bowel Disease Genetic Research
Professor, Medicine
qhree@cvgg.rqh 967-193-4942
Mary Dunkel Adjunct Instructor, Human Genetics
Andrea L Durst, MS, DrPH, LCGC Assistant Professor, Human Genetics
Assistant Director, Genetic Counseling Program, Human Genetics
nqhefg@cvgg.rqh 967-179-8645
Eleanor Feingold, PhD Professor, Human Genetics
Senior Associate Dean, Office of the Dean
srvatbyq@cvgg.rqh 967-838-3044
Robert E Ferrell, PhD Professor Emeritus, Human Genetics
esreeryy@cvgg.rqh 967-179-8564
David N Finegold, MD Professor, Human Genetics
Director, Multidisciplinary Master of Public Health
qas@cvgg.rqh 967-179-2309
Luanne Fraer Adjunct Instructor, Human Genetics
Eric S Goetzman, PhD Associate Professor, Human Genetics
revp.tbrgmzna@puc.rqh 967-147-2407
Susanne M Gollin, PhD, FFACMGG Professor, Human Genetics
tbyyva@cvgg.rqh 967-179-0845
Manika Govil, BA, MS, PhD Assistant Professor, Dental Medicine-Oral Biology
Assistant Professor, Human Genetics
tbivy@cvgg.rqh 967-193-4759
Robin E Grubs, PhD, LCGC Associate Professor, Human Genetics
etehof@cvgg.rqh 967-179-9140
Miranda Hallquist Adjunct Instructor, Human Genetics
Nadine Henderson Adjunct Instructor, Human Genetics
Shirley Y Hill, PhD Professor, Human Genetics
flu05@cvgg.rqh 967-179-8050
William Hogge, MD Professor and Chair, Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Pittsburgh, Schools of the Health Sciences
Professor, Human Genetics
trajnu@cvgg.rqh 967-196-9767
Jacqueline Hoover Adjunct Instructor, Human Genetics
Elena Infante Adjunct Instructor, Human Genetics
Emily James Adjunct Instructor, Human Genetics
M. Ilyas Kamboh, PhD Professor, Human Genetics
Professor , Epidemiology
xnzobu@cvgg.rqh 967-179-8511
Candace M Kammerer, PhD Associate Professor, Human Genetics
pzx8@cvgg.rqh 967-179-2710
Susan Kladny Adjunct Instructor, Human Genetics
Adrian Lee, PhD Professor, Department of Pharmacology & Chemical Biology
Director, Womens Cancer Research Center
niy65@cvgg.rqh 967-196-3009
Elizabeth Leslie, PhD Assistant Professor, Human Genetics
rwy95@cvgg.rqh 967-193-6933
Susan Lewis Adjunct Instructor, Human Genetics
Katie Long Adjunct Instructor, Human Genetics
Mary L Marazita, PhD Professor, Human Genetics
znenmvgn@cvgg.rqh 967-193-3835
Megan Marshall Adjunct Instructor, Human Genetics
Jeremy J Martinson, DPhil Assistant Professor, Infectious Diseases and Microbiology
Assistant Professor, Human Genetics
wznegvaf@cvgg.rqh 967-179-0191
Juliann McConnell Adjunct Instructor, Human Genetics
Elizabeth McCracken Adjunct Instructor, Human Genetics
Marianne McGuire Adjunct Instructor, Human Genetics
Ryan L Minster, PhD, MSIS Assistant Professor, Human Genetics
ezvafgre@cvgg.rqh 967-179-1473
Rachel Monaghan Adjunct Instructor, Human Genetics
Lauren Morgenroth Adjunct Instructor, Human Genetics
Michael J Morowitz, MD Assistant Professor, Human Genetics
zwz771@cvgg.rqh 967-147-2735
Nora Morris Adjunct Instructor, Human Genetics
Vishwajit L Nimgaonkar, MD, PhD Professor, Human Genetics
avztn@cvgg.rqh 967-791-1808
Solomon F Ofori-Acquah Associate Professor, Human Genetics
fsb7@cvgg.rqh 967-193-4786
Quasar S Padiath, MBBS, PhD Assistant Professor, Human Genetics
dcnqvngu@cvgg.rqh 967-179-2758
Lisa Pan, MD Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry
Assistant Professor, Human Genetics
gubznfyn@hczp.rqh 967-791-0042
Udai B Pandey, PhD Associate Professor, Human Genetics
hqnv@cvgg.rqh 967-147-8647
Lisa S Parker, PhD Professor, Human Genetics
Director, Center for Bioethics & Health Law
yvfnc@cvgg.rqh 967-193-2552
David G Peters, PhD Associate Professor, Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences, Human Genetics
Associate Professor, Human Genetics
qtc1@cvgg.rqh 967-176-7424
Aleksandar Rajkovic Associate Professor, Human Genetics
enwxbivp@hczp.rqh 967-196-6555
Beth L Roman, PhD Associate Professor , Human Genetics
Member, Heart, Lung, and Blood Vascular Medicine Institute
ebznao@cvgg.rqh 967-179-2551
Jessica Sebastian Adjunct Instructor, Human Genetics
John R Shaffer, PhD Assistant Professor, Human Genetics
Assistant Professor, Oral Biology
wbua.e.funssre@cvgg.rqh 967-179-8563
Andrea Smith Adjunct Instructor, Human Genetics
Edward Smith Adjunct Instructor, Human Genetics
Deanna Steele Adjunct Instructor, Human Genetics
Dietrich A Stephan, PhD Chair, Human Genetics
Associate Director for Population Genetics and Translational Acceleration , Institute for Personalized Medicine of UPMC & University of Pittsburgh Health Sciences
qfgrcuna@cvgg.rqh 967-193-8808
Chi-Ting Su, MPH, MD, PhD Assistant Professor, Human Genetics
Urvashi Surti, PhD Associate Professor, Pathology
Associate Professor, Human Genetics
fhegv@cvgg.rqh 967-196-9712
Darcy Thull Adjunct Instructor, Human Genetics
George C Tseng, ScD Professor, Biostatistics
Professor, Human Genetics
pgfrat@cvgg.rqh 967-179-0863
Zsolt Urban, PhD Associate Professor, Human Genetics
heonam@cvgg.rqh 967-193-3714
Michael M Vanyukov, PhD Professor, Human Genetics
zzi@cvgg.rqh 967-319-7903
Jodie Vento Adjunct Instructor, Human Genetics
Alexandre R Vieira, DDS, MS, PhD Associate Professor, Human Genetics
nei66@cvgg.rqh 967-838-3427
Catherine Vockley Adjunct Instructor, Human Genetics
Daniel E Weeks, PhD Professor, Human Genetics
Professor, Biostatistics
jrrxf@cvgg.rqh 967-179-0833
Seth Weinberg, PhD Assistant Professor, Human Genetics
fzjfg91@cvgg.rqh 967-193-3473
David C Whitcomb Professor of Medicine, Human Genetics
juvgpbzo@cvgg.rqh 967-192-3111
Svetlana A Yatsenko, MD Visiting Assistant Professor, Human Genetics
fnl62@cvgg.rqh 967-196-1148
Yingze Zhang, PhD Associate Professor, Human Genetics
munatl@hczp.rqh 967-147-7851
Joseph M Zmuda, PhD Associate Professor, Epidemiology
Director, Heinz Nutrition Laboratory
mzhqnw@rqp.cvgg.rqh 967-179-7425
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