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Pitt Human Genetics at the ASHG Annual Meeting

Each fall, students and faculty of Pitt's Department of Human Genetics join leading scientists from around the world for the American Society of Human Genetics Annual Meeting, the world’s largest gathering of human genetics professionals. Held in a major U.S. or Canadian city, the ASHG Annual Meeting attracts over 7,000 scientific attendees, plus almost 250 exhibiting companies. 

Pitt Human GeneticS Reception at ASHG

You're invited to a special reunion reception in conjunction with the American Society of Human Genetics Annual Meeting. Enjoy an evening of socializing and the opportunity to meet current students, reconnect with faculty, and network with fellow alumni of Pitt's Department of Human Genetics. Looking forward to seeing you!

Hearsay on the Green, HoustonThursday, October 17, 2019
7:30-9:30 p.m.
Hearsay on the Green

1515 Dallas Street, Houston TX
(just a block from the convention center)

Minimize Pitt Human Genetics presentations and posters at ASHG 2019 in Houston

Students and faculty of the Department of Human Genetics, other departments at Pitt Public Health, and our collaborators from the University, from UPMC, and from across the nation make a big contribution to this year's conference. 

Pitt Public Health's presenters at ASHG 2019

More photos from ASHG 2019

Here's a summary of our work presented:

Exploration of shared genetic susceptibility loci between type 1 diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis in the Pakistani population.
, P. John, K. Fan, A. Bhatti, E. Feingold, F.Y. Demirci, M.I. Kamboh

Genetic risk factors for recombination-related maternal chromosome 21 nondisjunction.
, E. Feingold, S.L. Sherman

Identification of susceptibility loci for reproductive traits in Samoan women.
, J.C. Carlson, A. Pomer, N.L. Hawley, H. Cheng, T. Naseri, S.M. Reupena, R. Deka, G. Lambert-Messerlian, S.T. McGarvey, D.E. Weeks, R.L. Minster, TOPMed Reproductive Health Working Group

A novel variant in CETP is associated with higher HDL-cholesterol in people of Polynesian ancestry.
, M. Leask, T.J. Major, J.C. Carlson, J.Z. Zhang, E.M. Russell, R.L. Minster, D.E. Weeks, N.L. Hawley, T. Naseri, M.S. Reupena, R. Deka, H. Cheng, S.T. McGarvey, N. Dalbeth, J. Zoysa, R. Murphy, L. Stamp, J.H. Hindmarsh, T.R. Merriman, J. Moors, TOPMed Lipids Working Group

Extensive allelic, genetic, and phenotypic heterogeneity identified in exome study of primary lymphedema.
, E.E. Blue, D.A. Nickerson, M.J. Bamshad, R.E. Ferrell, D.N. Finegold, The University of Washington Center for Mendelian Genomics

Comparing archaic to modern human-derived sites in the genome reveals the evolution of human facial morphology.
, M. Lee, M. Marazita, S. Weinberg, J. Shaffer

Exome-wide low-frequency genetic variants contribute to human craniofacial morphology.
, N. Alhazmi, M.K. Lee, J. Li, J.T. Hecht, G.L. Wehby, L.M. Moreno, C.L. Heike, J. Roosenboom, E. Feingold, M.L. Marazita, C. Claes, E.C. Liao, S.M. Weinberg, J.R. Shaffer

Evidence of natural selection in Samoans is associated with BMI and the immune system.
, D.N. Harris, J.C. Carlson, J.Z. Zhang, N.L. Hawley, H. Cheng, T. Naseri, M. Sefuiva Reupena, I.Y. Chen, D.C. Rao, A.C. Hsiung, L.-M. Chuang, W. Sheu, D. Darbar, R. Deka, T.D. O’Connor, S.T. McGarvey, D.E. Weeks, R.L. Minster, TOPMed Population Genetics Working Group

Assessing age, BMI, and genetic effects on serum IGF-1 in the Long Life Family Study.
, C. Kammerer, A. Kuipers, M. Wojczynski, S. Ukraintseva, M. Feitosa, J. Mengel-From, J. Zmuda, R. Minster

The utility of combining CREBRF genotype with BMI to screen Samoans for type 2 diabetes.
JESSICA TINER, N.L. Hawley, D.E. Weeks, R.L. Minster, G. Sun, H. Cheng, R. Deka, T. Naseri, S.M. Reupena, A. Pomer, S.T. McGarvey

Genome-wide mapping for palpebral fissure inclination.
, M. Lee, L. Souza, C. Skinner, A. Azevedo, M. Marazita, S. Weinberg, J. Shaffer

Common and low-frequency coding variants at the ERN1 and XBP1 loci are associated with dental caries in the primary dentition.
, D. McNeil, G. Wehby, F. Deleyiannis, J. Hecht, R. Weyant, R. Crout, E. Feingold, M. Marazita, J. Shaffer

A large effect, Polynesian-specific, stop-gained variant in BTNL9 is associated with atherogenic lipid profiles.
, E.M. Russell, J.Z. Zhang, N.L. Hawley, J. Moors, H. Cheng, N. Dalbeth, J. de Zoysa, J. Harré Hindmarsh, R. Murphy, T. Naseri, M.S. Reupena, L. Stamp, J. Tuitele, R. Deka, S.T. McGarvey, T.R. Merriman, D.E. Weeks, R.L. Minster, TOPMed Lipids Working Group

Association of common genetic variants in human accelerated regions with craniofacial and subcortical morphology.
, M.K. Lee, M.L. Marazita, P. Claes, S.M. Weinberg, J.R. Shaffer

Circulating microRNA profiling in systemic lupus erythematosus
CYNTHIA FRANCIS, H.J. Park, S. Manzi, F.Y. Demirci

Investigating genetic links between normal-range facial variation and orofacial clefting.
, J. Roosenboom, K. Indencleef, J.D. White, J.C. Carlson, E. Feingold, T.H. Beaty, E.J. Leslie, J. Wysocka, M.L. Marazita, S. Walsh, M.D. Shriver, P. Claes, J.R. Shaffer, S.M. Weinberg

GWAS of copy number variations (CNVs) for cleft lip with or without cleft palate (CL/P) in a multi-ethnic study sample.
, M. Lee, E. Feingold, M.L. Marazita

A multivariate Bayesian genetic association analysis of a CREBRF variant and adiposity-related phenotypes.
, J.C. Carlson, N.L. Hawley, G. Sun, H. Cheng, T. Naseri, M.S. Reupena, R. Deka, S.T. McGarvey, R.L. Minster, D.E. Weeks

(Names in bold indicate co-authors with primary affiliations at the University of Pittsburgh.)

Will your work be part of this year's conference?

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