Faculty Research

F. Yesim Demirci
Genetic and molecular basis of complex disorders including
autoimmune and inflammatory diseases; atherosclerotic
cardiovascular disease and lipid traits. Alzheimer's disease

Eleanor Feingold
Associate Dean for Education; Statistical methods for gene
mapping; genetic epidemiology of Down Syndrome;
statistical approaches to bioinformatics

Robert E. Ferrell
Gene mapping; genetics of common disease including
cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer;
human population genetics and evolution

Susanne M. Gollin
Cytogenetics alterations as diagnostic, prognostic, and
therapeutic biomarkers for cancers; mechanisms
involved in chromosomal instability

Robin Grubs
Co-Director, Genetic Counseling program; Genetic counseling
and education; experiences of individuals living with genetic
risk and decision making about genetic testing

M. Ilyas Kamboh
Genetics of common diseases of public health importance
with emphasis on Alzheimer's Disease, cardiovascular
disease and systemic lupus erythematosus

Candace M. Kammerer
Genetic epidemiology of aging, hypertension, and osteoporosis;
Linkage maps of the gray short-tailed opossum

Ryan Minster
Genetic epidemiology of body composition and obesity-related
phenotypes; signals of natural selection in population isolates;
genetics of exceptional longevity; genetics and evolution education.

Quasar Saleem Padiath
Molecular mechanisms of neurological disorders, especially
myelin formation and maintenance, using data on humans
and mouse and fruit fly models

Lisa S. Parker
Director of Graduate Education for the Center for Bioethics
and Health Law: Ethical issues in genetics research; provision
of genetic services; clinical practice

Beth Roman
Molecular and cellular basis of the vascular disorder,
hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia; etiology of
arteriovenous malformations; cardiovascular developmental biology;
zebrafish and cell culture models.

John R. Shaffer
Genetic epidemiology of oral health, preterm birth, post-surgery
chronic pain, and body composition

Dietrich A. Stephan
Department Chair
Gene discovery in autism, Alzheimer's Disease

Daniel E. Weeks
Linkage and association analysis; statistical genetics; genetics of
age-related macular degeneration, obesity, otitis media, dental caries,
pre-term birth, and food allergy