Summer Research In Progress Seminar

Department of Human Genetics

2019 Summer Research in Progress Seminar, 12-1pm
A215 Crabtree Hall Graduate School of Public Health

May 17 Teresa Capasso
(Olivia D'annibale)
BMP10 is the sole required ligand for endothelial ALK1 signaling

Outside speaker: Ryan Minster - Conflict Resolution
May 24 Kathy Gopalakrishna
(Erika Dreikorn)
Maternal IgA protects against the development of necrotizing enterocolitis in preterm infant


May 31 Qianqian Liang
(Nandini Ramesh)

Towards accurate in-silico prioritization of genetic variants for congenital heart disease

Outside speaker: Celeste Shelton

June 7 Vibha Acharya
(Zeynep Erdogan-Yildirim)

Genetics of Alzheimer's Disease

Outside speaker: Ann Piccirillo

June 14 Dongjing Liu
(Bruce Nmezi)

Impact of Rare Coding Variants on Human Facial Morphology


June 21 Rehab Sherlala
(Lily Francis)

Relationship between IGF-1 and Adiposity, and the risk of mortality in the Long Life Family Study

Outside speaker: Brandon Blobner

June 28 Lexi Schmidt
(Melissa Bulik)

Determining the Role of Sirt2 in Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Outside speaker: Maria Vanegas, Technology Licensing Manager, University of Pittsburgh Innovation Institute