John R Shaffer, PhD

Assistant Professor, Human Genetics

Assistant Professor, Oral Biology


3131 Public Health
R-znvy: wbua.e.funssre@cvgg.rqh
Primary Phone: 967-179-8563

Personal Statement

Dr. Shaffer's research program involves the application of statistical and bioinformatics approaches to understand the genetic contributors to common complex human diseases. In particular, Dr. Shaffer is interested in heritability, linkage analysis, genetic association, epigenetics, and gene-by-environment interactions. His current research projects include studies of oral health, craniofacial phenotypes, and recovery from brain injury.


2008 | University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA | Ph.D. in Human Genetics
2003 | The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA | B.S. in Biology


2008-present | HUGEN 2022 Human Population Genetics | offered each Fall semester

Selected Publications

Ekaterina Orlova, Andrew Yeh, Min Shi, Brian Firek, Sarangarajan Ranganathan, 23andMe Research Team, David C. Whitcomb, David N. Finegold, Robert E. Ferrell, M. Michael Barmada, Mary L. Marazita, David A. Hinds, John R. Shaffer (corresponding author), Michael J. Morowitz. Genetic association and differential expression of PITX2 with acute appendicitis.  Human Genetics 2019 138(1), 37-47. PMID: 30392061; PMCID: PMC6514078


John R. Shaffer, Jessica LeClair, Jenna C. Carlson, Eleanor Feingold, Carmen J. Buxó, Kaare Christensen, Frederic W.B. Deleyiannis, L. Leigh Field, Jacqueline T. Hecht, Lina Moreno, Ieda M. Orioli, Carmencita Padilla, Alexandre R. Vieira, George L. Wehby, Jeffrey C. Murray, Seth M. Weinberg, Mary L. Marazita, Elizabeth J. Leslie. Association of Low-Frequency Genetic Variants in Regulatory Regions with Non-Syndromic Orofacial Clefts. American Journal of Medical Genetics Part A 2019 Mar;179(3):467-474. PMID: 30582786; PMCID: PMC6374160


Tamar Sofer, Xiuwen Zheng, Stephanie M. Gogarten, Cecelia A. Laurie, Kelsey Grinde, John R. Shaffer, Dmitry Shungin, Jeffrey R. O’Connell, Ramon A. Durazo-Arvizo, Laura Raffield, Leslie Lange, Solomon Musani, Ramachandran S. Vasan, L. Adrienne Cupples, Alexander P. Reiner, Cathy C. Laurie, Kenneth M. Rice. A Fully-Adjusted Two-Stage Procedure for Rank Normalization in Genetic Association Studies. Genetic Epidemiology 2019 Apr;43(3):263-275. PMID: 30653739; PMCID: PMC6416071


Seth Weinberg, Jasmien Roosenboom, John R. Shaffer, Mark D. Shriver, Joanna Wysocka, Peter Claes. Hunting for genes that shape human faces: initial successes and challenges for the future.  Orthodontics & Craniofacial Research 2019; 22(Suppl. 1):207–212. PMID: 31074157; PMCID: PMC6550302


Agler CS, Shungin D, Ferreira Zandoná AG, Basta PV, Luo J, Cantrell J, Pahel TD, Meyer B, Shaffer JR, Schäefer AS, North KE, Divaris K.  Protocols, methods and tools for genome-wide association studies (GWAS) of dental traits. Methods in Molecular Biology 2019; 1922:493-509. PMID: 30838596.


Jasmien Roosenboom, Karlijne Indencleef, Myoung Keun Lee, Hanne Hoskens, Julie D. White, Dongjing Liu, Jacqueline T. Hecht, George L. Wehby, Lina M. Moreno, Carolyn Hodges-Simeon, Eleanor Feingold, Mary L. Marazita, Stephen Richmond, Mark D. Shriver, Peter Claes, John R. Shaffer, Seth M. Weinberg.  SNPs associated with testosterone levels influence human facial morphology.  Frontiers in Genetics 2018 Oct 23;9:497. PMID: 30405702; PMCID: PMC6206510


Karlijne Indencleef, Jasmien Roosenboom, Hanne Hoskens, Julie D. White, Mark D. Shriver, Stephen Richmond, Hilde Peeters, Eleanor Feingold, Mary L. Marazita, John R. Shaffer, Seth M. Weinberg, Greet Hens, Peter Claes.  Six NSCL/P loci show associations with normal-range craniofacial variation.  Frontiers in Genetics 2018 Oct 25;9:502. PMID: 30410503; PMCID: PMC6210408


Laurence J Howe, Myoung Keun Lee, Gemma C Sharp, George Davey Smith, Beate St Pourcain, John R. Shaffer, Kerstin U Ludwig, Elisabeth Mangold,  Mary L Marazita, Eleanor Feingold, Alexei Zhurov, Evie Stergiakouli, Jonathan Sandy, Stephen Richmond, Seth M Weinberg, Gibran Hemani, Sarah J Lewis. Investigating the shared genetics of non-syndromic cleft lip/palate and facial morphology. PLoS Genet. 2018 Aug 1;14(8):e1007501.PMID: 30067744; PMCID: PMC6089455


Simon Haworth, Dmitry Shungin, Justin T van der Tas, Strahinja Vucic, Carolina Medina-Gomez, Victor Yakimov, Bjarke Feenstra, John R Shaffer, Myoung Keun Lee, Marie Standl, Elisabeth Thiering, Carol Wang, Klaus Bønnelykke, Johannes Waage, Leon Eyrich Jessen, Pia Elisabeth Nørrisgaard, Raimo Joro, Ilkka Seppälä, Olli Raitakari, Tom Dudding, Olja Grgic, Edwin Ongkosuwito, Anu Vierola, Aino-Maija Eloranta, Nicola  X West, Steven J Thomas,  Daniel W McNeil, Steven M Levy, Rebecca Slayton, Ellen A Nohr, Terho Lehtimäki, Timo Lakka, Hans Bisgaard, Craig Pennell, Jan Kühnisch, Mary L Marazita, Mads Melbye, Frank Geller, Fernando Rivadeneira, Eppo B Wolvius, Paul W Franks, Ingegerd Johansson, Nicholas J Timpson. Consortium genome-wide meta-analysis for childhood dental caries traits. Human Molecular Genetics. 2018 Sep 1;27(17):3113-3127. PMID: 29931343; PMCID: PMC6097157


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John R Shaffer