Fogarty AIDS Research and Training Program in India

An NIH Fogarty Training and Research Program on HIV and TB in India has been initiated at the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt-India-HTRTP) in May, 2015. This new Pitt-India-HTRTP program will operate in collaboration with our partners at LEPRA Society (LepS), Hyderabad, India, one of the major research and clinical centers working on HIV and TB. The goal of the Pitt-India-HTRTP is to enhance the research capacity of LepS by training health care professionals from India in multidisciplinary cutting-edge research and to publish pioneering research as well as participate in clinical trials to improve control of HIV and TB in India. This includes all types of research (e.g.,laboratory sciences, Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Behavioral Sciences) related to HIV. Since the purpose of our training grant is to improve the research capacity in India, we would like the trainees to return to India upon completing training at the University of Pittsburgh. Therefore, those applicants who can demonstrate their intent to return to India and implement their training in their native country, will have preference for this training fellowship.

The Pitt HTRTP consists of two types of training: short term (2-3 months) and long term (2-4 years) in HIV/AIDS-related research. Short-term training includes:& learning specific laboratory techniques, taking courses in epidemiology/biostatistics and behavioral science that relate to his or her research in India. Long-term training includes: obtaining MS/MPH (2-year program) or PhD/DrPH (4-5 year program). Short-term trainees can begin their training anytime during the year, while long-term trainees must begin their training during the fall semester (late August). In some cases, however, long-term trainees may begin their training during the spring semester (early January). Long-term candidates should note that they must first be accepted into the specific departmental degree program before they could be considered for acceptance into the Pitt HTRTP.

The Pitt HTRTP will provide adequate funds for round-trip transportation, a scholarship to cover tuition and other educational expenses, as well as an annual stipend.

The application form for this training program can be downloaded here

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Mackey Friedman is pictured above with Aparna Srikantam of the LEPRA Institute at the Peter Public Health and Research Center in Hyderabad, India.