Summer Research In Progress Seminar

Department of Human Genetics
2018 Summer Research in Progress Seminar, 12-1pm A215 Crabtree Hall Graduate School of Public Health

May 18 Jon Chernus
(Brandon Blobner)
"GWAS of nondisjunction of chromosome 21 and related meiotic recombination phenotypes"
May 25 Megan Eshbach
(Celeste Shelton)

Kathy Gopalakrishna
(Celeste Shelton)
Hemoglobin Inhibits Uptake of Filtered Proteins by Proximal Tubule Cells: Implications for Sickle Cell Disease and Vitamin D Status


Maternal IgA protects against the development of Necrotizing Enterocolitis in premature infants
June 1 Bruce Nmezi
(Katya Orlova)

Celeste Shelton
(Katya Orlova)
A concentric model for the spatial organization of the nuclear lamina predicts distinct functional roles for the A and B1 type networks.

Using RNA-Seq to Evaluate Expression Profiles in Chronic Pancreatitis

Outside speaker: Colleen Cassidy, Ph.D., LifeX

June 8 Ann Piccirillo
(Megan Eshbach)

The lysophosphatidylcholine transporter, MFSD2A, is essential for memory CD8+ T cell formation and maintenance

Outside speaker: Lindsey Snyder, Ph.D., LifeX

June 15 Teresa Capasso
(Nandini Ramesh)

Bijun Li
(Nandini Ramesh)
Bmp10 is necessary for Alk1 activation in skin and liver vasculature throughout life


Zebrafish bmp10 mutants recapitulate hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia-associated high output heart failure 

Outside speaker: David Finegold, M.D., DiaVacs

June 22 Emily Russell
(Bruce Nmezi)
Exploration of the genetics of obesity-related phenotypes in Sāmoans and on-Sāmoans. 

Outside speaker: Eleanor Feingold, Interim Chair

June 29
Nandini Ramesh
(Emily Russell)
Investigating the role of Matrin 3 in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis