Emeritus and Retired Faculty

Name Department E-mail Phone
Judith R Lave, PhD Professor of Health Economics, Health Policy and Management
ynir@cvgg.rqh 967-179-5343
Beaufort B Longest, Jr., PhD Professor, Health Policy and Management
ybatrfg@cvgg.rqh 967-179-5728
Margaret A Potter, JD, MS Professor, Center for Public Health Practice
Professor, Public Health Dynamics Lab
zncbggre@cvgg.rqh 967-838-7955
Wesley M Rohrer, PhD Associate Professor Emeritus, Health Policy and Management
Assistant Professor, Behavioral and Community Health Sciences
jzeha@cvgg.rqh 967-179-7298
Jeanette Trauth, PhD Associate Professor Emerita, Behavioral and Community Health Sciences
Associate Professor Emerita, Health Policy and Management
genhgu@cvgg.rqh 967-179-5413