FDA resists pressure to tweak vaccine dosages to stretch supply


CENTRE DAILY TIMES — The top U.S. drug regulator is resisting calls to tinker with how COVID-19 vaccines are administered, sticking to the scientific evidence and its own procedures after being more flexible in the face of outside pressure earlier in the pandemic. In the U.S., supply hasn’t yet been an issue. Instead, the drive to vaccinate most Americans has been hampered by ineffective coordination and a lack of federal support for states and health care systems.

But Walid Gellad, an associate professor of medicine and health policy at the University of Pittsburgh who supports stretching out the time between shots, said this will soon change as states ramp up over the next week or two to reach people beyond front-line health care workers. In Pennsylvania, where Gellad lives, the department of health has said it will begin listing public vaccination sites as early as this week that will serve the general public.

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“The bottom line for me is we’re keeping dosages in the freezer while we’re running out of oxygen for patients in L.A.,” Gellad said. “Let’s not lose sight of that.”

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