Canvas Groups facilitates student collaboration

While group work is a necessary evil of graduate coursework, Canvas’s Groups function can help to make coordinating, sharing, and collaborating easier for all involved.

Canvas’s Groups create a separate space for students to save and share files, have online discussions with other members, message one another, and schedule their own Zoom meeting.

Using Groups is also beneficial for faculty as it can easily be utilized for semester-long projects, shorter assignments, or in-class group work.

The functionality of Groups makes it easy for instructors to put students into randomized or pre-assigned groups. Once Groups are assigned, students will have their own digital space for a particular task. Multiple groups can be made for a single course; and as long as they are named clearly, students can easily switch between them.

Groups is accessed through the “People” option under the “Courses” tab. After the People page opens, you will need to click on the “Groups” tab (to the right of “Everyone”) to open the page entitled Student Groups. Click on the button labeled “+Group Set” to get started.

To create Groups for your class, you need to determine how many groups you will need and whether Canvas will randomly assign students to groups, if students will sign themselves up, or whether you will do the assigning. The latter is made easy with drag-and-drop feature in Canvas.

Once you have created Groups, you can always add more or delete any extra with the functions on the right side of the Groups page.


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