Set and manage expectations with Canvas’s Rubrics

It is annoying for instructors when a student ignores time-consuming feedback to flip ahead and concentrate on an assignment’s score. Equally frustrating is when students have no idea why they have earned a certain grade. The rubrics feature in Canvas allows for instructors to set and manage expectations on student work.

Rubrics take some extra work on the front-end of your course planning, but they make grading not only easier but also more transparent and less subjective. In addition to scoring, rubrics can be used to measure student achievement of course objectives, to give ungraded feedback on student work, or for students to provide peer reviews of work to one another. The rubrics feature is built right into the Canvas learning management system under “Objectives” on the left side of the Course tab options.

From there, you can add or edit rubrics. While rubrics can be used for multiple assignments, they can only be uploaded (eg., from a Word document) and edited in individual quizzes or assignments.

To add a rubric to Canvas, you need to click on “Objectives” and then click on the “Manage Rubrics” radio button in the upper right-hand corner. From there, you can explore the options that have been prepopulated into the LMS or click the radio button in the upper right to create your own from scratch.


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