Angus says disorganized research slows discovery of COVID-19 treatments


NPR - As researchers around the world race to develop treatments—and ultimately a cure—for COVID-19, some are saying a lack of coordination is slowing the process. 

Among those calling for collaboration is Pitt's Derek Angus (BCHS '92), chair of critical care medicine and distinguished professor of health policy and management, who says the problem is that our system rewards tribalism, with insufficient motivation for effective collaboration. Now Angus is leading a fast-track remap trial for COVID-19, part of an international effort involving hundreds of investigators. He has lots of opinions about which drugs might work best, but he'd rather focus on a trial design that can be as modular as possible and let as many people in as possible.

“You can either take care of the patient or you can test the drug,” he says. “And at the heart of it, no one wants to be a guinea pig.” 

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from "Disorganized Research Slows Discovery Of COVID-19 Treatments, Experts Say" by Robin Young and Samantha Raphelson / NPR's WBUR, April 29, 2020, duration: 10:59



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