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Dean's Day

annual student poster competition

During Dean’s Day—Pitt Public Health’s annual student research competition since 1999—students present their research during multiple poster sessions. Faculty members judge presentations for prizes, students evaluate posters for Grand Rounds credit, and the Pitt Public Health community learns about our students' research. After the poster sessions scores are tabulated, Dean Burke invites the winners to give oral presentations of their work during an awards ceremony.

To compete, students must prepare and submit an abstract. All students who submit abstracts give poster presentations. All currently matriculated Pitt Public Health students are eligible to compete, with the exception of the previous year’s first place master’s and doctoral winners.


Pitt Public Health’s 20th annual Dean’s Day Student Research Competition winners were announced during an Oral Presentations and Awards Ceremony on April 17, 2018.


Dean’s Day first place master’s: Vatsala Rangachar Srinivasa, IDM
Dean’s Day second place, master’s: Kelsea Lasorda, EPI
Dean’s Day third place, master’s: Hannah Bitzer, BCHS

Dean’s Day first place doctoral: Celeste Shelton, HUGEN
Dean’s Day second place, doctoral: Cristian Chandler, BCHS
Dean’s Day third place, doctoral: Candice Biernesser, BCHS

Delta Omega Poster Award for the best poster, as judged by the Omicron chapter of Delta Omega (with the opportunity to compete nationally for a chance to present the poster at the APHA annual meeting): Amrita Sahu, EOH

Rosenkranz Award for the project judged to be the most significant contribution to the public health field: Emmett Henderson, BCHS.

The Catherine Cartier-Ulrich Memorial Award for Service to the Underserved:
Emma Gossard, MPH student in BCHS
Lycia Tramujas Vasconcellos Neumann, PhD student in BCHS

The Center for Public Health Practice Award for Translation and Application of Research to Public Health Policy and Practice:
Yuae Park, PhD in BCHS.


BCHS Department Award, master’s category: William Louth-Marquez, MPH student
BCHS Department Award, doctoral category: Lycia Tramujas Vasconcellos Neumann, PhD student

BIOST Department Award: Joanne Beer, PhD student

EOH Keleti Award for excellence in environmental health: Rahel Birru, PhD student

EPIDEM Department Award, master’s category: Kathleen Maksimowcz-McKinnon, MPH student
EPIDEM Department Award, doctoral category: Christian Garcia, PhD student

HPM Department Awards,master’s category: Nina Yacovoni, MPH student
HPM Department Awards, doctoral category: Raymond Van Cleve, PhD student

HUGEN Department Awards,master’s category: Megan Hager, MS student
HUGEN Department Awards, doctoral category: Teresa Capasso, PhD student

IDM Department Awards, MPH category: Kelsey Messerschmidt, MPH student
IDM Department Awards, MS category: Bethany Flage and Roberta Mettus, MS students
IDM Department Awards, PhD category: Renee Anderko, PhD student


Master’s Level: John Wright Cordier, HPM student
Doctoral Level: Cristian Chandler, BCHS student

2018 Dean’s Day poster abstracts and session assignments

Past Winners

View all of the the past Dean's Day award winners.


Check out the Dean's Day FAQs.

This event is eligible for Public Health Grand Rounds credit(s). For details visit

School-Level Awards

Doctoral Level
First Place: $500
Second Place: $400
Third Place: $300

Master’s Level
First Place: $500
Second Place: $400
Third Place: $300

Specialized Awards
Herbert Rosenkranz Prize: $500
Delta Omega Poster Award: $300
Center for Public Health Practice Translation and Application of Research to Public Health Policy and Practice Award: $250
Catherine Cartier-Ulrich Memorial Award for Service to the Underserved: $500

*Students are eligible to win a doctor or master’s level award and a specialized award.
All awards are directly deposited into students’ University financial accounts. Should there be a $0 balance on the account, the student will receive a refund for the full amount of the award.
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