Deborah Polk, PhD

Assistant Professor, Behavioral and Community Health Sciences

Assistant Professor, Public Health Dynamics Lab

Assistant Professor, Center for Health Equity


381 Salk Hall, 3501 Terrace St, Pittsburgh, PA 15261
R-znvy: qcbyx@cvgg.rqh
Primary Phone: 967-193-3101

Personal Statement

To a large extent, behavior at the individual level is determined by broader social factors. I study the relationship between these broader social factors and both health behaviors and indicators of health, including disparities in health. Examples of social determinants I am interested in include socioeconomic status, social norms, and public policies. Examples of health behaviors include smoking and oral hygiene behaviors. And the health outcomes I study include dental caries and periodontal disease. In addition, I identify social and behavioral contexts in which genetic variants increase the probability of disease.


2001 - 2003 | Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA | Postdoctoral Fellow in Health Psychology
1997 - 2001 | University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA | Postdoctoral Fellow in Health Psychology
1997 | Indiana University, Bloomington, IN | PhD in Clinical Psychology

Deborah  Polk