Computing Resources

The University of Pittsburgh provides comprehensive infrastructure and a technology framework for academic and research endeavors within the department:

Network and Web

Pitt's robust network and Web services support learning, teaching, research, collaboration, and business operations. PittNet is a high-speed, multi-service network that provides access to University computing resources and the Internet. Our secure and easy-to-use Wireless PittNet service is available campus-wide, and Guest Wireless provides access for visitors on official University business.

Enterprise Web Services

The University's centralized approach for Web hosting ensures high availability and security of all official University Web sites. Known as the Enterprise Web Infrastructure (EWI), this infrastructure provides robust server hosting to departments, business units, individual faculty, research labs, and other University-affiliated groups. The EWI is located in Computing Services and System Development’s Network Operations Center, which manages the service 24 hours a day and provides exceptional bandwidth, redundancy, and security.

Network Node Access Charges

The Local Area Network (LAN) of the Epidemiology Data Center (EDC) is operated as a shared resource, which is supported by all projects that access its services. This arrangement yields a fair and cost-effective means of providing secure, high-speed network access to both local and Internet resources that are required for our collective research. Resources available include file sharing, laser and color printing, backup, security, and firewall services via an array of servers which leverage the computing power on individual workstations. Complete hardware and software support is also provided for each workstation on the LAN.

Epidemiology Facilities and Resources