Staff (All)

Name Department E-mail Phone
Steve Barton Web/Media Services Manager, Epidemiology
onegbaf@cvgg.rqh 967-179-0521
Kimberly C Beringer, BS Director of Computing, Epidemiology
orevatre@rqp.cvgg.rqh 967-179-8204
Richard W Blecharz Senior Grants Administrator, Epidemiology
oyrpunem@rqp.cvgg.rqh 967-179-8289
Anastasia C Bonifati Staff, Epidemiology
Darlene V Buffington Data Assistant, Epidemiology
David A Carr Assistant Director Pre-Award, Epidemiology
pnee@rqp.cvgg.rqh 967-179-8924
Andrea D Casas, BA (Biochemistry), MPH (BCHS) Staff, Epidemiology
naqernpnfnf@cvgg.rqh 967-193-9828
Xirun Chen Staff, Epidemiology
Yuqing Chen Staff, Epidemiology
Mindy L Columbus, MS, MPH Research Lab Manager, Epidemiology
zyp89@cvgg.rqh 967-838-6907
Deborah Lee Cusick Research, Epidemiology
qyp69@cvgg.rqh 967-838-6662
Ryan Cvejkus Data Manager / Analyst, Epidemiology
exp69@cvgg.rqh 967-179-8442
Michelle E Danielson, BS, MPH, PhD Program Director, Epidemiology
qnavryfbaz@rqp.cvgg.rqh 967-179-8218
Klancie Dauer Staff, Epidemiology
Linda A DeLuco Department Administrator, Epidemiology
qryhpb@rqp.cvgg.rqh 967-179-8288
Adrienne DiFiore Staff, Epidemiology
nqq93@cvgg.rqh 967-838-9737
Kelly M Dunn Staff, Epidemiology
XZQ630 @cvgg.rqh
Shelley Ferson Research, Epidemiology
Amy Flaugh Staff, Epidemiology
nsynhtu@cvgg.rqh 967-179-5653
John J Gianakas Data Manager, Epidemiology
tvnanxnfw@rqp.cvgg.rqh 967-179-0471
Joel D Granny Staff, Epidemiology
Ping Guo Systems/Programmer, Epidemiology
thbc@cvgg.rqh 967-179-0757
David E Hallam Lead Application Developer, Epidemiology
qru02@cvgg.rqh 967-179-9576
Tamara L Haller Research Database Manager, Epidemiology
gyufg75@cvgg.rqh 967-179-7171
Kerry Hanahan, MFA Executive Administrative Assistant to the Chair, Epidemiology
XZU786@cvgg.rqh 967-179-8501
Sharon L Happe Administrative Secretary, Epidemiology
unccr@cvgg.rqh 967-179-8502
Michael A Kania Assistant Director of Systems Development, Epidemiology
xnavn@rqp.cvgg.rqh 967-179-4421
Stephanie S Kelley Senior Data Manager, Epidemiology
xryyrlf@rqp.cvgg.rqh 967-179-4932
Tanya S Kenkre, PhD, MPH Senior Statistician, Epidemiology
XraxerG@rqp.cvgg.rqh 967-179-0921
Steven P Knopf Staff, Epidemiology
Yulia B Kushner Systems/Programmer, Epidemiology
xhfuare@rqp.cvgg.rqh 967-179-0900
Mark A Lebder Human Resources Administrator, Epidemiology
yroqre@cvgg.rqh 967-179-8280
Nicole M Leckenby Grant administrator, Epidemiology
frohyna@rqp.cvgg.rqh 967-179-0447
Kelsey Leonard, MS Senior Research Assistant, Epidemiology
xey01@cvgg.rqh 967-179-4195
Yinjuan Lian Research, Epidemiology
lvy93@cvgg.rqh 967-179-9984
Hsing H Lin Staff, Epidemiology
Manuel S Lombardero Senior Statistician , Epidemiology
znahry@rqp.cvgg.rqh 967-179-8226
Monica L Love, MLIS Research Assistant, Epidemiology
zyyfg80@cvgg.rqh 967-838-6340
Kimberly A Lucas Nurse, Epidemiology
yhpnfx@rqp.cvgg.rqh 967-838-6990
James F Luther Senior Data Manager, Epidemiology
yhgurew@rqp.cvgg.rqh 967-193-8575
Melody Macey-Kalcevic Research, Epidemiology
xnyprivpz@rqp.cvgg.rqh 967-179-8211
Antoinette M Marasco Lab Technologist, Epidemiology
znenfpbn@rqp.cvgg.rqh 967-838-6907
Deborah E Martin Associate Director of Data Management, Epidemiology
znegvaq@rqp.cvgg.rqh 967-179-9961
Jeffrey P Martin, MBA Director of Systems Development, Epidemiology
znegva@rqp.cvgg.rqh 967-179-8222
Mary L Martinez Research, Epidemiology
David Maynard Research Assistant, Epidemiology
qez676@cvgg.rqh 967-838-3440
Rebecca J Meehan Staff, Epidemiology
Rocco B Mercurio Senior Data Manager, Epidemiology
zrephevb@rqp.cvgg.rqh 967-179-9980
Rafael V Migoyo Staff, Epidemiology
Ellen Mooney Secretary, Epidemiology
ryz664@cvgg.rqh 967-179-6808
Cara S Nestlerode, MS Senior lab manager, Epidemiology
Pfa8@cvgg.rqh 967-179-4931
Jeffrey H O'Donnell, BS Server and Remote Systems Administrator, Epidemiology
bqbaaryyw@rqp.cvgg.rqh 967-179-0084
Scott M O'Neal Data Manager, Epidemiology
barnyf@rqp.cvgg.rqh 967-193-7290
Crystal L Ochwat, MPA Post Award Grant Manager, Epidemiology
pybpujng@rqp.cvgg.rqh 967-179-8283
Lisa A Over Staff, Epidemiology
Vicky Palombizio Secretary, Epidemiology
cnybzovmvbi@rqp.cvgg.rqh 967-179-6806
Sara M Parisi, MS, MPH Research Data Analyst, Epidemiology
fzc656@cvgg.rqh 967-838-6095
Angela D Pattison Data Manager, Epidemiology
cnggvfban@rqp.cvgg.rqh 967-179-8217
Andrew Pelesko Assistant Coordinator, Epidemiology
NWC12@cvgg.rqh 967-838-4039
Jessica Pettigrew Research Assistant, Epidemiology
wzc633@cvgg.rqh 967-179-3605
Judith Rosenwasser Rager Research, Epidemiology
waefg3@cvgg.rqh 967-179-4420
Karla R Ramos Staff, Epidemiology
Amy L Rhodes, MEd Student Services Specialist, Epidemiology
eubqrfn@rqp.cvgg.rqh 967-179-8515
Marshall W Ritchey Staff, Epidemiology
Natalie Romer Staff, Epidemiology
Pam Ruffing Staff, Epidemiology
cpe67@cvgg.rqh 967-179-7477
Bryan Albert Sadler Systems/Programmer, Epidemiology
Courtenay A Sashin Data Manager, Epidemiology
fnfuva@rqp.cvgg.rqh 967-179-8285
Theresa M Sax Research, Epidemiology
gzf87@cvgg.rqh 967-179-0992
Julie L Schivins Data Manager, Epidemiology
fpuvivaf@rqp.cvgg.rqh 967-179-9732
Laurie Silfies Systems/Programmer, Epidemiology
fvysvrfy@rqp.cvgg.rqh 967-179-1528
Marquita N Smalls Staff, Epidemiology
Lori S Smith Student Affairs Manager & Program Administrator, Epidemiology
fzvguy@cvgg.rqh 967-838-0714
Melanie Stangl Administrative secretary, Epidemiology
zif74@cvgg.rqh 967-179-6044
Jennifer Stevenson, MLIS Data Manager, Epidemiology
fgrirafbaw@rqp.cvgg.rqh 967-838-3467
Kathleen M Stewart, BA Office Coordinator, Epidemiology
xzc15@cvgg.rqh 967-179-0992
Donna J Stoliker, MS Data Manager, Epidemiology
qwf656@cvgg.rqh 967-179-0992
Pamela A Sufka Senior Research Assistant, Epidemiology
fhsxn@cvgg.rqh 967-178-8851
Mary S Tranchine Project Director, Epidemiology
genapuvarz@rqp.cvgg.rqh 967-179-6287
Michelle Utz-Kiley Research Assistant, Epidemiology
zrh7@cvgg.rqh 967-838-6857
Helen Eleni A Vlachos Research, Epidemiology
iynpubf@rqp.cvgg.rqh 967-179-4695
Chunyan Wang Systems Analyst, Epidemiology
puhalnaj@cvgg.rqh 967-799-0813
Jessica Ward Staff, Epidemiology
Shala Ward Research assistant , Epidemiology
Alexander N Washy Staff, Epidemiology
Victor Washy Systems Analyst, Epidemiology
Alison Weller Media Design Analyst, Epidemiology
Jenny Wolsk, MSW, MPA Data Manager, Epidemiology
jbyfxw@cvgg.rqh 967-179-8331
Kristy L Wright Associate Administrator, Epidemiology
znexfx@rqp.cvgg.rqh 967-179-8287
Ella A Zadorozny Research, Epidemiology
rnm6@cvgg.rqh 967-179-0992
Xiaonan Zhu Staff, Epidemiology