Faculty Advisor Information

Before the Internship

  • Assist your advisee in identifying academic and professional goals and outline the educational and experiential competencies to be gained in the internship. Encourage students to attend the school-wide symposium and seek advice from Nancy Glynn, director of the MPH internship program.
  • Aid the student in identifying suitable internship sites and preceptors. If a student chooses a community-service based internship, it is the faculty advisor’s responsibility to supplement this experience in order for the student to demonstrate their ability to apply basic epidemiology principles to this experience. Examples of these activities may include, but are not limited to, annotated bibliographies, literature reviews, etc., and will be determined at the discretion of the faculty advisor.
  • Review and approve the prospective site and preceptor.
  • Sign the placement approval form (retain a copy as the original is submitted to student services).

During the Internship

  • Respond to requests from the agency preceptor regarding internship goals.
  • Assist in facilitating the internship when needed.
  • Discuss the student’s progress with the site preceptor at least once during the internship via email, telephone or site visit. These discussions will inform your decision about a student's grade. Student's grades are due after they have completed the poster presentation. Students who are registered for the internship in a term other than the fall should anticipate an “I&rdqou; (incomplete) until after the poster presentation and all required paperwork is submitted.

After the Internship

  • Submit student grades by the summer deadline in early August if the student is registered for EPIDEM 2214 in the summer term. The internship grade will be changed from an “I” to either H/S/U (Honors/Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory) after the poster presentation session in October. If the student is registered for EPIDEM 2214 in the fall term, assign a grade in December when due at that time.
  • Review and discuss student abstracts and posters in September. Abstracts should be reviewed in time for inclusion in the program guide (generally due mid-September). The poster should be submitted by students for advisor review within a week after. Abstracts and posters should be in the format described in the Abstract and Poster Presentation Guidelines. This allows adequate time for revision before the presentation date which will be announced via email communication in August.
  • Review the Preceptor Evaluation Form submitted for the student, which will be automatically emailed to you when submitted by the preceptor via the internship Web portal.
  • Attend the Epi in Action! Poster Presentation Day if possible. Adjust the grade for the student, if warranted, after the poster presentation.

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