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Fri 8/7/2020 1:00PM - 2:00PM
EOH Dissertation Defense
Cody Wolfe - "Trem2 deficiency differentially affects the phenotype ..." EOH Dissertation Defense
Cody Wolfe - "Trem2 deficiency differentially affects the phenotype ..."
Fri 8/7/2020 1:00PM - 2:00PM
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** Online/Virtual Event **

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EOH Journal Club

EOH Journal Club Seminar - Fall 2018

Thursday 10/4 11:00AM - 12:00PM
4140 Public Health, Young Seminar Room
EOH Journal Club Seminar - Fall 2018

Date: Thursday October 4th, 2018

Time: 11am - 12pm

Presenter: Omar Tahtamooni

Paper: Association of traffic air pollution and rhinitis quality of life in Peruvian children with asthma

Bose S, Romero K, Psoter KJ, Curriero FC, Chen C, Johnson CM, Kaji D, Breysse PN, Williams DL, Ramanathan M, Checkley W, Hansel NN.

Air pollution exposure may contribute to rhinoconjunctivitis morbidity in children with underlying airways disease. Prior studies have not assessed rhinoconjunctivitis-related quality of life (QOL) in children with asthma chronically exposed to air pollution.

Children ages 9-19 years with asthma from peri-urban Peru, self-reporting rhinoconjunctivitis symptoms (n = 484), were administered the Rhinoconjunctivitis QOL Questionnaire (RQLQ) at repeated intervals over one year, with scores dichotomized into bothered (>0) and not bothered (= 0). Individual weekly exposures to particulate matter<2.5μm (PM2.5) and its black carbon (BC) component were estimated by inverse distance weighted methods. Generalized estimating equations, adjusting for covariates, estimated associations of PM2.5 and BC with QOL.

Participants were on average 13 years old, 55% female, and majority were atopic (77%). Mean (SD) PM2.5 and BC concentrations were 21(3.2) μg/m3 and 4.4(1.5) μg/m3, respectively. In adjusted multi-pollutant models, each 10μg/m3 increase in PM2.5 was associated with increased odds of worse rhinoconjunctivitis QOL (OR;[95% CI]: 1.83;[1.33,2.52]). A 10% increase in the BC proportion was associated with higher rhinitis burden (OR;[95% CI]: 1.80;[1.22,2.66]), while increases in the non-BC component of PM did not significantly impact rhinoconjunctivitis QOL. Associations were similar regardless of atopy.

Higher PM2.5 and BC exposure is associated with worse rhinitis QOL among asthmatic children.

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