Fellow Students and Staff, Please Help with Evaluation Study

Students in the Evaluation Institute at Pitt Public Health are in the process of conducting a research study that measures the impact of climate change awareness videos for a local non-profit, Communitopia. We are surveying adults, ages 18 and older, and asking them to watch one video and complete a brief (approximately 15 minute) questionnaire. If you are willing to participate, our questionnaire will ask basic information about your background (e.g., age, race, years of education, political affiliation), as well as your feelings about climate change and these videos. The purpose of this evaluative research is to gain valuable feedback information on their videos and message and measure their impact. This information will help them improve their message and better serve the people who watch them. To participate in the survey please click on the link below and watch the video: Embedded in the video, there is a direct link to the survey. Additionally, the survey link is posted here: There are no foreseeable risks associated with this project, nor are there any direct benefits to you. All responses are confidential, and results will be kept in password-protected files. Your participation is voluntary, and you may stop completing the survey at any time. This study is being conducted by Hollis Laird, who can be reached at 775-843-0041, if you have any questions.


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