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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a List of Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Master's (MS) degree before applying for the PhD program?
No. You can apply directly to the PhD program.

Do I need a background in biology?

You must have three credits of undergraduate or graduate level biology for the PhD, MS & MPH program. You must have six credits of undergraduate or graduate level biology for the MPH program. If you have no biology course you may be admitted provisionally on the stipulation that you complete a biology course during your first term.

What is the requirement on the TOEFL and GRE for financial assistance?
To be admitted to the program, the student must have a TOEFL of at least 600 on the written test or 80 on the internet test. For financial aid the TOEFL should be at least 80. There are no minimum requirements for admission or financial aid for the GREs although most students entering into the MS program have a Verbal and Qualitative combined score around the 70th percentile and for entry into the PhD program most students score above the 80th percentile.

What kinds of financial assistance are available for new international students?
New international students are eligible for graduate student researcher stipends (GSR) and if they have good English skills and some background in statistics they are eligible for a teaching assistantship (TA). Both of these require 20 hours of work per week, and provide a monthly stipend along with a tuition waiver. Please see the financial aid page.

Do you have support for MS students?
We only support MS/MPH students in rare circumstances. Many MS/MPH students find local jobs at the University or in the surrounding area.

What is the deadline for considering financial aid?
Please submit your application by January 15 to be considered for funding. 

Do you have a rolling process or collect all the application materials and then process them together?
We have a rolling process for MS/MPH applications and consider PhD applications in January, particularly with respect to funding.

What are the requirements for being given financial aid (teaching assistant or grant research assistants)?
Please see the financial aid page.

What is the deadline for applications for the Fall term?
January 15

Do I have to apply separately for financial aid (i.e. a teaching assistantship or graduate student research assistantship)?

No. If you are a PhD applicant, you will automatically be considered when you apply.

Can I start classes in the Spring of the year?
No. We only accept applications for the Fall semester.
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