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Master of Science in Biostatistics

The MS in Biostatistics is an academic degree program for students with a background in mathematics and a strong interest in biology and public health. The program emphasizes statistical theory and methods so that students are prepared to be effective statistical collaborators in interdisciplinary studies; and lead the design and execution of studies.


Recent graduates hold the following positions:
• opioid compliance specialist, Georgia Dept. of Public Health
• actuarial analyst, Highmark Health
• biostatistician, Ichan School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai
• statistician, Mayo Clinic
• business analyst, PNC Financial Services
• biostatistician, University of Pittsburgh Dept. of Critical Care Medicine
• biostatistician, University of Pittsburgh Dept. of Orthopedic Surgery
• data analyst, University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy
• statistician, University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work

Recent Thesis Titles

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Graduates will be able to:
  • Address health problems by appropriate problem definition, study design, data collection, data management, statistical analysis, and interpretation of results
  • Demonstrate mastery of the theory underlying statistical methods
  • Understand and implement innovative statistical approaches
  • Communicate biostatistical analyses to individuals with varying degrees of statistical knowledge
  • Apply research design principles to problems in public health
  • Recognize strengths and weaknesses of approaches, including alternative designs, data sources, and analytic methods
  • Determine the data best suited to address public health issues, program planning, and program evaluation


  • 40 credits, including:
  • Coursework in fundamentals of statistical theory and applications
  • A statistical consulting practicum
  • Coursework in epidemiology and public health
  • Thesis involving innovative data analysis or related to an internship experience

Full program information:

MS Checklist
Consulting Practicum

MS Eighteen Month Schedule
MS Two Year Schedule


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