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The Pitt Public Health's incoming class will include seven Dean's Public Health Scholars. This recently established program supports outstanding incoming master's students from each department who receive a 50% tuition scholarship to support up to two years of full-time graduate study. 

Get to know a few of Pitt Public Health's current scholars:

Meet Kristina Boyd (BIOS '19), Dean's Scholar

After landing a research position at the Massachusetts General Hospital Biostatistics Center, Kristina Boyd was encouraged to pursue public heath as a career. In addition to serving as a research assistant in the UPMC Department of Emergency Medicine, she is a wife and mother to a 2-year-old. Though balancing motherhood and graduate school can be difficult, she wants people to know that "it is possible and it is so worth it."  

Meet Chandler Caufield (HPM '20), Dean's Scholar

Pittsburgh native, Chandler Caufield (’20) was familiar with the city’s burgeoning medical sector buoyed by world-class hospitals and universities; however, it wasn’t until he worked in the industry that he discovered health care was the field for him. "Eventually, I landed on health care administration because it seemed like the perfect intersection of my interests and skills as well as my passion for improving the patient experience.” He didn’... 

Meet Eva Chernoff (MMPH '20), Dean's Scholar

“I was raised not to think of myself in terms of ethnicity but rather to have my own experiences,” says Eva Chernoff. Her experiences in medical school and working in the Philippines “have influenced my career motivations toward clinical practice among diverse, underserved populations affected by the social determinants of health.” At Pitt, she hopes to learn more about community-based participatory research and methods in qualitative research. ... 

Meet Alyson Harding (EPI '19) Dean's Scholar

The opportunity to “blend hard science and research with service for the purpose of improving health and living conditions” is what finally drew Alyson Harding to public health. With degrees in anthropology and chemistry and experience working with Habitat for Humanity, she is interested in disaster epidemiology and researching health outcomes of disaster situations. “The biggest reason I chose Pitt Public Health is the amazing culture of the sc... 

Meet Megan Hoenig (HUGEN '19), Dean's Scholar

“Pitt checked every single box." The Plano, Texas, native and graduate of Texas A&M University with a degree in genetics and biomedical sciences found it all and more at Pitt Public Health. "I chose Pitt Public Health because of the Genetic Counseling Program,” she says. “It’s the second oldest GC program in the country, but is always up to date with the latest in the field."   

Meet Mikaela Kosich (EPI '19), Dean's Scholar

Mikaela Kosich, graduate of Harvey Mudd College, discovered epidemiology was an option just two weeks before graduation, but it wasn’t until she returned home to Mays Landing, NJ, and observed first hand gaps in medical care and inequities in health outcomes that she decided to pursue a career in public health epidemiology. She is confident her education at Pitt Public Health will provide her with a solid foundation.  

Meet Ashley Simenson (EPI '19), Dean's Scholar

Simeson's interest in public health was first sparked by the documentary The Weight of the Nation . Later she was exposed to a course on the AIDS epidemic and initial responses from public health organizations. She then applied to nine schools and found a home in Pitt's EPI program. “I want to be an infectious disease specialist and conduct research in HIV and STI prevention and treatment,” she says.   

Meet Amanda Everman (HUGEN '18), Dean's Scholar

“I don’t think I chose public health. Public health chose me....The more I learned about genetics, the more I knew it was what I wanted to focus on for my career,” she says. The Philadelphia native and Penn State grad says the short distance from her hometown and in-state tuition are nice bonuses, and she’s enjoying her new city. “I was surprised at how different Pittsburgh is from Philadelphia."  

Meet Simon Yohannes (MMPH '17), Dean's Scholar

Third-year medical student Simon Yohannes decided on Pitt Public Health's Multidisciplinary Master of Public Health  to better serve the communities he cares about most. “I chose public health because of my interest in psychiatry—particularly in immigrant and refugee populations.” 

Meet BCHS's Sarah Sanders, Dean's Scholar

Dean's Scholar Sarah Sanders (BCHS '18) chose to pursue a career in public health after she was exposed to the roadblocks women and families sometimes face when trying to access consistent, quality health care. “On a small scale I was able to address some of these barriers,” she says, “I envision a world, or at least a city, where culturally competent health care pervades on a community level, where folks are being cared for at every interval o... 

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