Garland Examines Rise in Young People's Involvement in Local Violence on Hayes-Freeland show (video)


Watch the interview:

Examining Rise in Young People's Involvement in Local Violence - part 1

Part 2

Lynne Hayes-Freeland spoke with BCHS' Richard Garland about the factors that are contributing to a rise in violence among youth in Pittsburgh.

Hayes-Freeland welcomed Garland by pointing out that they'd been talking about this for a long time - this being street violence and youth in Pittsburgh. Although 2021 is different.

"It's been a challenge...I think COVID has had a lot to do with a lot of the violence," said Garland, explaining that people were confined to their homes and spending a lot of time on social media and it was contributing to increased fueds. People were bored and "you can get 30 seconds of fame on Facebook or Instagram."

Garland also talked about drugs and alcohol remaining at the heart of the violence in our neighborhoods and also about an increase in gun violence against women.


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