Schuyler wins Bernard D. Goldstein Award for work on environmental exposures and asthma


Alex Schuyler (EOH '23) is the latest winner of the Bernard D. Goldstein Award in Environmental Health Disparities and Public Health Practice for his project entitled Impact of redlining and environmental exposures on airway gene expression, oxidative homeostasis and asthma outcomes. One reviewer commented, "I am intrigued by the potential for this project to make an explicit connection between disparities and the historical practice of redlining." 

Schuyler is a student in the Medical Scientist Training Program at the University of Pittsburgh and is presently in his second year of the Environmental & Occupational Health PhD program. As an MD/PhD student, his immediate goal is to combine his commitment to serving the larger community with his interests in asthma, Type-2, and airway epithelium biology. Schuyler's dissertation research will investigate the impact of environmental factors, including increasingly toxic environments and associated racism, on cellular resilience in the lung. His professional goals are to complete a residency in Internal Medicine and a fellowship in Pulmonology, and finally to unify his interests in social justice and asthma/allergic diseases as a translational researcher dedicated to improving racial equity. With the funding awarded by the Bernard D. Goldstein Award in Environmental Health Disparities and Public Health Practice, Alex hopes to begin to create interventions aimed at reducing the asthma burden in communities damaged by racism.

The Goldstein award was established in 2005 by then dean of Pitt Public Health, Bernard Goldstein, and his wife Russellyn Carruth, an adjunct professor in our Department of Environmental and Occupational Health. The award recognizes, in alternate years, a student associated with the Center for Health Equity or the Center for Public Health Practice. The 2020 award was given by the Center for Health Equity. 


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