Save time while making your new Canvas course by copying materials

There is no need to upload materials to your Canvas course if you have used them in a previous course when you can easily copy them to your new course! Announcements, pages, modules, and assignments can all be imported to your new Canvas course in a few clicks.

To copy your course materials, you need to use the Import and Export functions. Start by opening up the course that you want to copy material from. Once you are in your course, click on the Settings tab in the bottom left of your screen. You should be sent to the Settings screen. From there, click on the “Export Course Content” option on the right. Select the course option and wait to receive notification from Canvas that the export is complete.

After that, you will need to open the new course shell to import the course materials. Proceed to the Settings and then click on “Import Course Content” from the options in the column on the right-hand side. From there, you should be prompted to select the content that you would like to import. Select "Copy Canvas Course" from the Content Type drop-down menu and find your course from a previous term from the drop-down. Select if you wish to copy all content or specific content. (Note that if you chose the latter option, you will have to select which content you want to transfer over after hitting the Import button.) Next, check whether or not you want to adjust assignment dates, hit the blue Import button, and voila!

However, as always, there are some caveats to this process. Groups, discussions, and calendar items as well as enrollment-related information (users and sections, for example) cannot be imported. Similarly, the poster information in discussions and announcements do not carry over.

Another important hiccup to consider when importing assignments is that they will all be put into an assignment group that’s named Imported Assignments. You can move these into a different assignment group, if you prefer, through the Assignment tab in your new course.


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