Wenzel on the pandemic and EOH response


"I'm anxious, like many of us. Uncertainty is having a big impact on our society. So the virus itself, the medical responses to it, whether overwhelmed or not, and then the psycho-socioeconomic impact, in some variation of percentages, are likely to have longterm impact on our society as we know it. Hopefully, some will be good! We are all in the game. Our mutual efforst are critical. Do away with the free market mentality for awhile," says EOH Chair Sally Wenzel. 

What is EOH working on during the pandemic? 

As a joint effort between EOH and the Asthma Institute, they surveyed 1500 people in Allegheny County and a few beyond, with emails/phone numbers from their registry. 

They received over 500 responses to the questionnaire focused on asthma patients and their thoughts on COVID-19, their psycho-social-economic well being, as well as their current asthma status. The same people will be surveyed again in two or three months to follow-up on the impact COVID-19 has had on their lives. 

The data from the first round is currently being reviewed. 

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