Garcia-Bates assists Medical Reserve Corps with COVID-19 initiatives


In response to a call for research investigators, IDM assistant professor Tatiana Garcia-Bates signed up to volunteer through the Allegheny County Health Department for the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC), a volunteer organization comprised of community members who assist in the event of an emergency.

Garcia-Bates participated in the required online modules before being deployed on her first mission on April 14, which was for N-95 Respirator Fit Instruction for the nursing staff at John J. Kane Nursing Center - Scott Twp., PA. She spoke highly of her involvement in this mission.

“My experience was very unique and I was happy to help even if for a little bit. I wish I was called to do more of these volunteer jobs, but have not been called for anymore. The main mission was to instruct general staff and nursing staff in a nursing facility close to home. The experience was very humbling. Observing these amazing workers still going to work every day – this has surely been quite a shock for a lot of them. Thankfully, at the time I went to do this, there were no confirmed cases at this facility.”


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