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Attention Pitt undergrads

There are now even more reasons to jump-start your grad experience at Pitt Public Health. With our Accelerated Bachelor's/Master's Program, you can learn to solve health problems, contribute to scientific discoveries, and transform the well-being of communities at home and around the world, while saving money on tuition by starting your Pitt Public Health degree in your fourth undergraduate year.

In the accelerated program, qualified PItt students apply for admission in their junior year and begin graduate coursework in their fourth year, while completing remaining undergraduate requirements. By saving a full year of coursework, in-state students in the accelerated program are estimated to save in excess of $28,000 in tuition overall, plus an estimated $17,000 in living expenses (out-of-state students save even more, over  $47,000) based on 2019-20 tuition.

And the program is even better than before

Effective immediately, the accelerated program: 

  • Saves you even more money by keeping your fourth-year tuition at the undergraduate rate
  • Keeps you eligible for undergraduate financial aid in your first year of graduate classes - including student loans and PELL grants
  • Gives you a simplified  "SOPHAS Express" application process that's both less expensive and less time-consuming!

"With the decrease in cost, we anticipate even more Pitt undergraduates will choose this option to directly pursue their advanced degree in one of our school's seven departments: behavioral and community health sciences, biostatistics, environmental and occupation health, epidemiology, health policy and management, human genetics, or infectious diseases and microbiology," said Associate Dean for Student Affairs Cindy Bryce.

Students apply mid-way through their junior year and, after acceptance, begin graduate coursework in their fourth year, while completing any remaining undergraduate requirements so they can graduate on-time with their entering class. Over the summer they take on a public health practicum project or field internship, and then complete their master's coursework in the fifth year.

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