Mohammed Bu Saad, Early Head Start Intern

Mohammed Bu Saad, MPH in Epidemiology in April, 2019

"Working as an intern gave me an opportunity to meet different groups of people, and it made me realize that the knowledge that we get in classes can be enhanced and polished by having a field experience in relevant areas. Also, the results that we got from our projects, Parental Needs Assessment, emphasized the importance of listening to people's opinions and concerns and that we should not think for a second that we understand everything about them. As a physician who is pursuing a degree in public health, this internship showed me how important it is for health professionals from different fields to do collaborative work to understand how different interconnected factors could impact the overall health of our communities. I think there is a gap between the clinical field and the public health field and it can only be bridged by such collaborative efforts." 

Bu Saad's project was COTRAIC Early Head Start - Parental Needs Assessment and he completed an internal quality improvement report. 

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