The Semester is Over: Now What?

Although your course might be over, it has not yet concluded. That's because the end of the semester is the perfect time to take stock of your course and reflect on your teaching.

One way to evaluate teacher effectiveness is to look at your teacher evaluations. Although students are not pedagogical experts, they can provide valuable feedback regarding instructor preparedness, availability, and impartiality. It is important to approach teacher evaluations with an open mind in order to identify areas for improvement.

Of course, as you are noting down the negative, it is also important to reflect on your strengths as an instructor. The only way to notice improvement is through periodically reevaluating your effectiveness by monitoring how well you maintain the positive and improve upon the negative.

For instructors dedicated to honing their teaching skills, some recommended activities include: enrolling for a certificate in teaching excellence or achievement in pedagogy badge, joining the Teaching Partners, and editing your syllabus. 


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