Salerno selected for summer program in Colombia


Jessica Salerno (IDM '20) has been selected to participate in Red Tree Study's Academic Summer Program at the Institute of Public Health (Instituto de Salúd Publica) at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogota, Colombia. The course will be an excellent opportunity for students to apply their public health knowledge during a momentous time in Colombian history as the country transitions towards peace. As ex-combatants re-integrate into society and Venezuelan immigrants cross the border seeking medical care, the question of ensuring the health of the growing masses is at the forefront of public health concerns for the country. This is a unique opportunity to learn from experts in the field while in Latin America during a pivotal point in Colombian history. The academic course will be split between morning lectures from the Institute of Public Health's impressive faculty which will debate the public health issues that Colombia faces as a post-conflict society, and afternoon site visits to local NGOs and government bodies directly linked to the academic topics. These site visits will provide an excellent opportunity to launch research projects and make contacts in the public health in Bogota. 

Read the Red Tree blog for perspective on the status of public health in the current political context. 


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