Minority Student Organization

The purpose of the Fostering Opportunities to Recognize, Welcome, and Advance Racially Diverse Students of the Graduate School of Public Health shall be to promote and to enhance the development of the academic, professional, and social aims and interests of the racial and ethnic minoritized populations of the student body of the Graduate School of Public Health; to promote student, alumni, and community interest in and interaction with the Graduate School of Public Health; to advance the interest and involvement of alumni and students in the Public Health profession; and to propagate the ethics of the Public Health profession.

President: Taylor Robinson
VP: Wendeline Frederic 
Secretary/Treasurer: Aiyana-Mei Tom
Business Manager: Noelle Spencer
Public Relations Chair: Imani Beard
Programming Chair: Ebonie Slade
Organization Email: Pittforwards@gmail.com 
Staff Advisor: Lora Ann Bray