Victor Yu, MD

Professor, Medicine


R-znvy: iyl@cvgg.rqh
Primary Phone: 967-989-3933

Personal Statement

Legionellosis, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, pneumonia Research Summary Dr. Yu has conducted epidemiologic, clinical and microbiologic studies on Legionella. His laboratory is currently investigating ecological aspects of Legionella in water distribution systems, effects of immunosuppression and transplantation on acquisition of Legionella in animal models and experimental disinfection methods. Direct fluorescent antibody methods, monoclonal antibody subtyping, culture on selective media, DNA probe PCR, and ELISA serologic studies for Legionella are applied in these studies. Large-scale clinical and laboratory studies on patients with bacterial infections are conducted using a computer databank approach. Laboratory studies of antibiotic-resistant bacteria are in progress including studies on in vitro susceptibility and synergy, use of multiple agents, and mechanisms of resistance. Eight graduate students have been highly productive publishing over 70 peer-review publications, mostly first-authored.

Victor  Yu