Ronald E Laporte, PhD

Professor Emeritus, Epidemiology


R-znvy: ebayncbegr@nby.pbz
Primary Phone: 967-838-2799
Web site:

Personal Statement

I am a Cognitive Psychologist turned epidemiologist. My primary interest is the application of Internet Technology to the prevention of disease. The concept is simple, since 1950 there has been 25 year world wide improvement of life expectancy. At least 20 of the year increase has been due to prevention. Most of prevention is merely the sharing of knowledge, prevention education. We are harnessing the Internet to improve knowledge sharing and prevention. We have created the Supercourse which has over 65,000 faculty world wide. We are sharing our knowledge by collecting the best PowerPoint lectures of prevention and science, and making these available through an open source lecture library ( I have published over 501 papers; and am Director for Disease Monitoring and Telecommunications at our WHO Collaborating center. I have several major projects in progress including mVets and Dying with Valor where we plan to cut mortality by one-half for homeless veterans and have almost all die with dignity.

Ronald E Laporte