Dr Lauren R Simkin-Silverman, PhD

Assistant Professor, Epidemiology


Department of Epidemiology, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA 15261
R-znvy: yef@cvgg.rqh
Primary Phone: 967-896-6695

Personal Statement

Research Interests 

  • Behavioral Lifestyle Interventions
  • Obesity Treatment
  • Primary Care Interventions


  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University - B.S. Psychology (with Honors), 1984
  • University of the Pacific - M.A. Psychology (Behavioral Medicine), 1986
  • University of Mississippi - Ph.D. Clinical Psychology, 1991
  • Brown University School of Medicine - Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Behavioral Medicine, 1992 


Principal Investigator 

  • Treatment of Obesity in the Primary Care Setting (1997-2002) NIDDK 
  • Clinical Trial – Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Menopause (1992-2000) NHLBI 
  • Cognitive Assessment of Elderly Primary Care Patients (2005-2010) NIA 
  • Diabetes Prevention and Treatment in Western PA - VLM (2006-2012) UPDI, Department of Defense 
  • Online Counseling to Enable Lifestyle-Focused Obesity Treatment in Primary Care (2009-2012), AHRQ 
  • Center for Aging and Population Health - Prevention Research Center (2011-2013)
  • Maintaining Activity and Nutrition through Technology-Assisted Innovation in Primary Care (2012-2017), AHRQ
  • Minding GOALS:  An Internet-Assisted Mind-Body-Behavior Program for Blood Pressure (2015-2018), NIH

Selected Publications

Conroy MB, Bryce CL, McTigue KM, Tudorascu D, Gibbs BB, Comer D, Hess R, Huber K, Simkin-Silverman LR, Fischer GS. Promoting weight maintenance with electronic health record tools in a primary care setting: baseline results from the MAINTAIN-pc trial. Contemporary Clinical Trials 54 (2017) http://www.contemporaryclinicaltrials.com/article/S1551-7144(16)30217-8/pdf

Lyden JR, Zickmund SL, Bhargava TD, Bryce CL, Conroy MB, Fischer GS, Hess R, Simkin-Silverman LR, McTigue KM. Implementing health information technology in a patient centered manner: Patient experiences with an online evidence-based lifestyle intervention. J Healthc Qual. 2013; 35:47-57.

McTigue KM, Bhargava T, Bryce CL, Conroy M, Fischer GS, Hess R, Simkin-Silverman LR, Zickmund S. Patient perspectives on the integration of an intensive online behavioral weight loss intervention into primary care. Patient Educ Couns. 2011; 83:261-264. 

Simkin-Silverman LR, Conroy MB, Bhargava T, McTigue KM. Development of an online diabetes prevention lifestyle intervention coaching protocol for use in primary care practice. Diabetes Educ. 2011; 37:263-268. 

McTigue KM, Conroy MB, Hess R, Bryce CL, Fiorillo AB, Fischer GS, Milas NC, Simkin-Silverman LR. Using the internet to translate an evidence-based lifestyle intervention into practice. Telemed J E Health. 2009; 15:851-858. 

Simkin-Silverman LR, Conroy MB, King WC. Treatment of overweight and obesity in primary care practice: Current evidence and future directions. Am J Lifestyle Med. 2008; 2:296-304. 

Conroy MB, Simkin-Silverman LR, Pettee KK, Hess R, Kuller LH, Kriska AM. Lapses and psychosical factors related to physical activity after menopause. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2007; 39:1858-1866. 

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Simkin-Silverman LR, Wing RR, Boraz MA, Kuller LH. Lifestyle intervention can prevent weight gain during menopause: Results from a 5-year randomized clinical trial. Ann Beh Med. 2003; 26:212-220. 

Kuller LH, Simkin-Silverman LR, Wing RR, Meilahn EN, Ives DG. Women's healthy lifestyle project: a randomized clinical trial: results at 54 months. Circulation 2001;103:32-37 

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Simkin-Silverman L, Wing RR. Management of obesity in primary care. Obes Res. 1997;5:603-612 

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Klem ML, Wing RR, Simkin-Silverman L, Kuller LH. The psychological consequences of weight gain prevention in healthy, premenopausal women. Int J Eat Disord. 1997;21:167-174. 

Lauren R Simkin-Silverman