Hung N Luu, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor, Epidemiology


UPMC Cancer Pavilion, 5150 Centre Avenue-Suite 4C, Room 466, Pittsburgh, PA 15232
R-znvy: yhhu@hczp.rqh
Primary Phone: 967-178-8831
Fax: 967-178-8858

Personal Statement

Dr. Luu has a broad background in medicine and epidemiology, with specific training and expertise in the molecular and genetic epidemiology of cancer as well as large population-based studies. His main research focuses on etiological role of genetic factors, lifestyle factors, and environment exposures, particularly chronic inflammation, in the development of cancer as well as their impact on prognosis of cancer patients. His current cancer outcomes include GI tract cancers (i.e., colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer and gastric cancer). Other research interests include biomarkers identification for diagnostic and prognostic of cancer; host-virus/bacteria interaction in carcinogenesis; and gene-environmental and gene-gene interaction in cancer. Dr. Luu has extensive experience working with large prospective cohort studies such as the Southern Community Cohort Study-SCCS, the Shanghai Men’s Health Study-SMHS, and the Shanghai Women’s Health Study-SWHS. A new member faculty at the University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Luu has initiated several Shanghai Chinese Health Study (SCHS)-based research projects such as dietary inflammatory index (DII) and dietary soy and isoflavones in relation to risk of colorectal cancer, respectively. He is also an active member of several cancer consortium such as the Asia Cohort Consortium (ACC) and the Stomach cancer Pooling Project-SToP Consortium.


2015 | Vanderbilt University | Post-doctoral Fellow

2013 | Baylor College of Medicine | Post-doctoral Associate

2011 | University of Texas Health Science Center-Houston | PhD, Epidemiology

2003 | Tulane University | MPH, International Health/Health Economics

1997 | Thai Binh Medical University | MD, Medicine

Selected Publications

Luu HN, Qi D, Wen W, Xiang YB, Cai Q, Li H, Yang G, Gao YT, Zheng W, Shu X. Are Dietary Antioxidant Intake Indices Correlated to Oxidative Stress and Inflammatory Marker Levels? Antioxid Redox Signal 2015;22(11):951-959 (PMID: 25602689 – PMCID: PMC4376488).


Luu HN, Blot WJ, Xiang YB, Cai H, Hargreaves MK, Li H, Yang G, Signorello L, Gao YT, Zheng W, Shu X. Association between nut consumption with total and cause-specific mortality: Evidence from three cohort studies of multi-ethnic populations. JAMA Intern Med 2015;175(5):755-766 (PMID: 25730101 - PMCID: PMC4474488).


Ren HG, Luu HN, Cai H, Xiang YB, Steinwandel M, Gao YT, Hargreaves MK, Zheng W, Blot WJ, Long JR, Shu X. Oral health and risk of colorectal cancer: results from three cohort studies and a meta-analysis. Ann Oncol 2016;27(7):1329-1336 (PMID: 27217540 -  PMCID: PMC4922320).


Beeghly-Fadiel*, Luu HN*, Du L, Parikh AA, McGavic DP, Raskin L. Clinical characteristics and survival association of early onset pancreatic cancer. Int J Cancer 2016;2169-2177 (PMID: 27416564-PMCID: not yet available) (*Co-first authors).


Luu HN, Long JR, Zheng Y, Cai Q, Gao YT, Zheng W, Shu X. Association of genetic risk score for shorter telomere length and risk of breast cancer. Cancer Causes Control 2016;DOI:10.1007/s10552-016-0798-z (PMID: 27581250-PMCID: PMC5061576).


Mukhtar F, Boffetta P, Risch HA, Park JY, Bubu OM, Womack L, Tran TV, Zgibor JC, Luu HN. Survival predictors of Burkitt’s lymphoma in the United States during 2000-2013 period. Int J Cancer (*Corresponding authors) 2017;140(7):1494-1502. (PMID: 28006853-PMCID: Not yet available). 


Berge W, Mundt K, Luu HN, Boffetta P. Genital use of talc and risk of ovarian cancer: A meta-analysis. Eur J Cancer Prev 2017; doi: 10.1097/CEJ.0000000000000340 (PMID: 280796030 - PMCID: Not yet available). 


Chen Y, Wu F, Saito E, Lin Y, Song M, Luu HN, Gupta PC, Sawada N, Tamakoshi A, Shu XO, Koh WP, Xiang YB, Tomata Y, Sugiyama Y, Park SK, Matsuo K, Nagata C, Sugawara Y, Qiao YL, You SL, Wang R, Shin MH, Pan WH, Pednekar MS, Tsugane S, Cai H, Yuan JM, Gao YT, Tsuji I, Kanemura S, Ito H, Wada K, Ahn YO, Yoo KY, Ahsan H, Chia KS, Boffetta P, Zheng W, Inoue M, Kang D, Potter JD. Association between type 2 diabetes and risk of cancer mortality: a pooled analysis of over 771,000 individuals in the Asia Cohort Consortium. Diabetologia 2017; 2017;Mar 7. doi:10.1007/s00125-017-4229-z. (PMID: 28265721 – PMCID: PMC5632944). 


Luu HN, Lin HY, Sørensen K, Ogunwobi OO, Kumar N, Chornokur G, Phelan CM, Jones D, Kidd LC, Batra J, Yamoah K, Berglund A, Rounbehler RJ,  Yang M, Lee SH, Kang N, Kim SJ, Park JY, Pietro GD. miRNAs associated with Prostate Cancer risk and progression. BMC Urol. 2017;17(18):DOI 10.1186/s12894-017-0206-6 (PMID: 28320379 – PMCID: PMC5359825). 


Hashim D, Sartori S, Vecchia CL, Maso LD, Serraino D, Matsuo K, Negri E, Winn DM, Moysich KB, Smith E, Levi F, Boccia S, Bosetti C, Cadoni G, Maso LD, Luu HN, Lee YCA, Hashibe M, Boffetta P. Hormone Replacement Therapy and Reproductive Factors are Associated with Head and Neck Cancer among Women: A Pooled Analysis from the International Head and Neck Cancer Epidemiology Consortium (INHANCE). Cancer Med 2017;6(8):1998-2007 (PMID: 28707400 – PMCID: PMC5548879)

Hung N Luu