Dr. David L Givens, PhD, MA

Instructor, Infectious Diseases and Microbiology


3520 5th Avenue, Suite 400, Pittsburgh, PA 15213
R-znvy: qyt98@cvgg.rqh
Primary Phone: 967-838-6067
Secondary Phone: 967-838-8555
Fax: 967-838-6068

Personal Statement

Dr. Givens work and research is grounded in the Medical Humanities field, particularly in areas that intersect with HIV.  His current work promotes equitable public health planning and communications with marginalized communities as well as qualitative work furthering stigma reduction, community resiliency, and historic and contemporary health equity and vaccine hesitancy.  As a faculty member specializing in Public Health Practice, Dr. Givens brings a decade of experience in HIV Planning and community engagement to his work in IDM.  He serves as Co-PI and Project Director for the HIV Prevention and Care Project (HPCP), where he and the HPCP team will continue to lead statewide HIV planning and facilitation efforts for and with the Pennsylvania Dept. of Health.  

Dr. Givens other academic interests also include complementary medicine, particularly MBSR, and community experiences and perceptions of medicine and wellness.  Dr. Givens currently serves as the Co-Director of the Center for Mindfulness and Consciousness Studies housed in IDM, and other University initiatives supporting Medical Humanities. 


2018. University of Pittsburgh, Cooperative Doctoral Program in Religion. Doctor of Philosophy.
Dissertation: "“Digital Devotions: Constructing Sexual and Spiritual Identities Through Queer Saint Narratives Online”

2010. University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA.  Master of Arts, Religious Studies.

2008. University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL.  BA, Religious Studies, summa cum laude, Honors. 

2008. University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL.  BA, Philosophy and Humanities (Psychology), summa cum laude. 


Lectures: Public Health Planning, Religion and Sexuality, Stakeholder Engagement in Public Health


Courses: [Under Development]:Complementary Medicine and Integrative Health, Religion and Health, Communicating Public Health 

Selected Publications

“Religious Thought and Queer Representation in the Making Advances workshop” Pittsburgh: Collecting Knowledge Pittsburgh (September 27, 2018). Online.


Adams, L., Obiri, G., Givens, D., Frank, L., et al. Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 2017-2021. Harrisburg: Pennsylvania Department of Health (2016). 


“The Faithful Departed:  Roman Catholic Saints and Perceptions of Persons with HIV/AIDS.” ARC: Journal of the Faculty of Religious Studies, 40.  (2012).

“Consistent Faith in a Changing Parish: Ethnographic Evidence for a New Model Of Cultural Transformation.” Select Proceedings of the 11th Annual Interdisciplinary Graduate Symposium.  West Lafayette, IN: Purdue University Press (2011).

“The Intelligent Design of Online Resources.” Religious Studies News.  The American Academy
of Religion, October (2010). Online.

David L Givens